The history of the Brazilian Vampeta. Ronaldo’s friend who didn’t become a great football player due to constant drunkenness

Vampeta is too stereotypical Brazilian. Firstly, due to the too long name, there was a need for a nickname. Marcos André Batista dos Santos will not fit on any T-shirt, but the absence of front teeth made him look like a vampire. Together with a devilish look, it turned out Vampeta (Vampiro + Capeta). Secondly, the pupil of “Vitoria” loved partying and drinking, like many people from Latin America, which is why Vampeta’s life is filled with funny stories.

Friendship with Ronaldo

Vampeta and Ronaldo met in the Netherlands when both were playing for PSV. Eindhoven bought Vampire from Brazilian Vitoria, but the Dutch club’s cooperation with the player did not last long. After the 1994/95 season, the midfielder was loaned to VVV-Venlo, then sent home to Corinthians. Thanks to Ron Wampeta, he got a second chance to prove himself in Europe, because Ronaldo asked Inter’s management to get an old acquaintance. In Milan, as in Eindhoven, Batista dos Santos did less than nothing on the football field.

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In a conversation with la Gazzetta dello Sport reporters, Vampeta admitted that he did not know either English or Italian, and therefore was doomed to befriend Ronaldo. Nibbler created a small commune, settling in the same house with goalkeeper Dida and Roque Junior, who played for Milan. When the Phenomenon was away, Vampire stayed in the same cottage: “I came to their house already drunk, opened the cellar and drank a bottle of wine. When Ronaldo returned, he shouted: “Who drank this bottle?” I confessed. It turned out that it was a gift from the Pope. It tasted like vinegar though. ”

Ronaldo, Vampeta and transsexuals

In 2008, Ronaldo got into a sex scandal. On February 13, the striker was injured in a game with Livorno, which effectively put an end to the career of the 30-year-old football player: after a collision with Jose Luis Vidigal and Dario Knezevic, the striker did not return to his previous level. A month later, the Brazilian went to recuperate in Rio de Janeiro. On April 27, sources leaked to the Daily Mail that Ron had called three prostitutes into a hotel room for group sex. However, the priestesses of love turned out to be not exactly girls – they were transsexuals. The athlete and his guests swore so loudly that the hotel administration called the police. Everything ended peacefully, without further consequences for both sides. Vampeta was in such close contact with Ronaldo that he gave out jokes on this topic, and the Phenomenon did not take offense.

Some time after his adventures with transsexuals at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Ronaldo met his former teammate. This is how Vampeta himself recalls this dinner: “Ronaldo invited me to dinner at a restaurant where he was spending time with five women. I drank several glasses of caipirinha (Brazilian alcoholic drink, ABV 25%) and warned everyone that I was only interested in women, so let them immediately admit which one of them is trans. Everyone reacted normally to my joke and laughed. ” Apparently, this was one of the last meetings of the players. In 2017, Wampeta sadly realized that Ronaldo had a new social circle. And this applies not only to Vampire: other ex-partners also cannot reach Critter.

Shooting for a gay magazine

On May 3, 2021, Bayern player Leon Goretzka called on active gay football players to come out, but Vampeta contacted gay people back in 1998. Then the Brazilian starred for the cover of a gay magazine, where he bared his torso. At the same time, the playmaker who spoke at that time for Corinthians stressed that he himself does not belong to homosexuals, although his sister is an open lesbian. The head coach of the team from São Paulo Wanderlei Lushemburghu laughed at the player: “I would never buy a magazine with such a cover, because frankly, Vampeta is just a freak.”

According to the resource Calciobidoni, the footballer agreed to a photoset for an audience of homosexuals for the money he spent on noble goals. The athlete renovated a cinema in his hometown of Nazar, whose population does not exceed 30 thousand people. In addition to the cover photo, the gay magazine G Magazine did a short interview with Vampeta. The Brazilian told how some friends scoffed that he did not have the courage to collaborate with LGBT activists. When it became known that the athlete would be paid more than 100 thousand dollars, the friends understood the sidekick’s motivation: “Do everything for which you are paid good sums.”

Burned journalists in Brazil

After the failure at Inter, where Vampeta did not work well with the new head coach Marco Tardelli, the Brazilian was sold to PSG, which for 2001 was closer to the acquisition of Sergei Semak than the top level Messi, Ramos and Donnarumma. And this is not a joke, because Sergei Bogdanovich will indeed join the Paris squad, only three years after Vampire. In France, Ronaldo’s friend played only a few more games than in Italy. On this, the European career of the Wampeta received the status of “spent”. Until 2011, he changed Brazilian clubs like gloves, only once trying himself abroad – in Kuwait.


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After giving up football, Wampeta went to work as an expert for local television. In the role of a TV presenter, the Brazilian lights up no worse than during his sports career. While in Russia they have been arguing for years about which football clubs commentators are rooting for, Vampeta did a simpler thing: he wrote down the sports preferences of Brazilian sports commentators on a piece of paper, went on the air on Jovem Pan radio and passed everyone. This excerpt from the show went viral and immediately went viral on Twitter. Some believe that Vampeta opened the covers, while others did not hear anything new for themselves.

The career of a professional football player has turned out the same – some consider Vampeta a talent that has not been realized due to alcohol and parties, while others call it an overvalued dummy.

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