The reasons for the breakup of Kim Kardashian with her husband became known: Phenomena: Values:

The Sun reporters revealed the reasons for the breakup between entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West.

It is known that the TV star filed for divorce from her husband after seven years of marriage. Sources close to the couple associate the separation of the artist and the businesswoman with the success of the latter. “Each of the sisters is a millionaire, and none of them let their boyfriends and husbands get on their way to success,” they emphasize.

It is noted that all former Kardashian men, like Kanye West, who admitted to having bipolar disorder, developed addictions or mental health problems after breaking up with them. So, businessman Scott Disick repeatedly got into the clinic, where he fought with alcohol addiction, basketball player Lamar Odom was treated for sex addiction and abused drugs, and Chris Jenner’s ex-husband Bruce changed sex and began to call himself Caitlin.

As the authors write, before her marriage to West, Kim Kardashian had a “dubious” reputation, and during their relationship she managed to get rich and received the title of one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world. At the same time, the hip-hop artist, on the contrary, became a participant in several major scandals and was often criticized by the public.

So, West spent several million dollars to participate in the presidential race, but managed to gain only 60 thousand votes out of 160 million voters. Kardashian, in turn, met several times with former US President Donald Trump and was able to free three people from custody through prison reform.

In addition, the journalists recalled how the TV star complained in one of the episodes of the Kardashian Family show that she used to go to the annual Met Gala as a “addition to Kanye”, and after a few years she became more widely known than her husband. “Kanye can take pictures with me on the track several times, but I definitely want to do it alone,” said the star.

In February, it became known that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West. It is noted that the couple has a prenuptial agreement, which none of them disputes. In particular, the TV star asked for joint legal and physical custody of four common children.

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