Twin sisters similar to Ariana Grande complained about threats from her fans

Twin sisters from the Canadian province of Ontario, similar to singer Ariana Grande, complained about threats from her fans. They shared their story with LADBible.

20-year-old McKenna and Taylor Patterson-Hall began uploading their videos online five years ago, but since 2019 they began to imitate the style of the famous singer. The sisters are so much like a pop star that fashion brands have invited them to participate in advertising campaigns.

The girls themselves believe that they do not copy the style of the performer, but are only inspired by it. “Many people said that we are very similar to Ariana Grande, although it seems to us that the similarity is not that great,” – said Taylor.

However, despite the fact that McKenna and Taylor have a circle of loyal fans, the singer’s fans lashed out at the girls for copying their idol. “Some Ariana Grande fans hate us. They threaten us with reprisals and try to prove that we are some kind of wrong, ”Taylor said.

The sisters said that they were surprised at such a “toxic” reaction to their videos, because they do not harm anyone, and the way they look is their own business. Taylor added that the only makeup they use to look more like Grande is foundation, because they have very fair skin.

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