“We will do everything to confirm the title of Olympic champions and win a record 10th gold,” Rotenberg reports on the Olympic Games-2022 – Hockey

The first vice-president of the FHR, the head of the Russian national team and the general director of SKA, Roman Rotenberg, spoke about the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

– How will the upcoming Olympics affect SKA?

– The Olympics are the main event of the season, and serious preparations are underway for it. Moreover, it did not start today or yesterday – we started thinking about new Games almost immediately after winning the previous ones. We will do our best to confirm the title of Olympic champions and win a record 10th gold. We are preparing for all scenarios.

If we talk about SKA, then we will do our best to ensure that our hockey players are as ready as possible for the Games, so that the national team headquarters has a wide choice. We have enough applicants for a trip to Beijing in our team, and our task is to make sure that they are in perfect shape in February.

– Will such a number of players in the national team become a problem?

– No. All our work over the past four years has been aimed at preparing for the Beijing Olympics. This is our priority. In addition, we have experience of the Olympics in Pyeongchang, where 15 people from SKA played. This is a world record. SKA now has enough specialists, including in physical training.

We have enough time to restore the players to the playoffs. We have an individual approach to everyone. If a hockey player is not ready, he is not allowed to the match. Therefore, it often happens that someone is not in the squad, not because someone plays poorly, but because a person does not meet the requirements of our coaching staff for general physical training, – said Rotenberg.

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