Zagitova: I was shaking when I approached Buzova – 09/09/2021

Zagitova’s partner was the 2002 Olympic figure skating champion Alexei Yagudin. The skater admitted that it was not easy for her. She even shook when she approached the popular singer Olga Buzova to interview her. Buzova was one of the participants in the “Ice Age”, where she performed in tandem with the 2014 Olympic champion in figure skating Dmitry Soloviev.

“It was super difficult to participate in the Ice Age as a host, because before that I had only seen the project on TV and did not know what was hidden behind the scenes. And there is a lot hidden there. In addition, athletes are different: someone speaks well, but I am a closed person – I was always better alone. I like to think, to delve into myself …

I remember when I approached the participants, for example, Olga Buzova, I was already shaking all over. I didn’t know what to say, all my thoughts were in a heap. And she seemed to come up with questions, but on the way she forgot everything. So worried that instead of “Olya” she could pronounce a completely different name.

However, I continued to develop, worked with a teacher and eventually improved my skills. The feeling that you are developing is a very cool feeling. Therefore, one must not be afraid of difficulties, “Komsomolskaya Pravda quotes Zagitova.

It is expected that Zagitova and Yagudin will be the hosts of the “Ice Age” in the new season.

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