2021 European Volleyball Championship Russia to play with Ukraine, fans write, social media reaction – September 9, 2021

Another sensation happened at the men’s volleyball Euro. The Finns were losing to Turkey (1: 2), which was not going to give Russia the second place in the group, but unexpectedly found the strength for a comeback. In the end, our neighbors won, although it was not particularly important for them, turning all the playoffs over. It turned out that we got to Ukraine, not the Turks (they will play with Serbia).

In Poland guys Tuomasa Sammelvuo will play on September 11. This will be the second meeting in the history of teams. The first was back in 2005 at Euro, where the Russians confidently won with a score of 3: 0. Since then, the teams have completely changed. And the relations between the countries have ceased to be friendly. Now, due to political differences in many team sports, they are trying to breed Ukraine and Russia in the group stages. In this tournament, the scheme did not work a little.

Before the meeting, which will obviously still be shrouded in interesting statements, Sport24 found out what volleyball fans from Ukraine think about the future match.

– We’ve arrived.

– I wonder why our team is bred with Muscovites only in football? In all other types of “sports outside politics” or what?

– Conventionally, we are a strong middle peasant like Porto, and they are a well-deserved top like Juventus.

– I didn’t want this fight most of all. Objectively, we are not equal in strength rivals to them, but also representatives of a hostile state.

– Well, the stands will obviously be for ours. And this is very good!

There were those who were upset by the volleyball meeting. There, Ukraine has not so many chances as, for example, in football and basketball.

Nevertheless, Ukrainians still have hope for a miracle. They really hope for the Polish fans who will not support the Russians (also for political reasons).

And also on the players.

– Although Russia will pass us, but then the Poles will mock them.

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