A fresh hotfix was released for King’s Bounty II – so far only on PC – Igromania

1C Entertainment released a fresh hotfix for her RPG King’s bounty ii – while it is available on PC, and work on the console versions is still in progress.

Some changes:

  • The hero now moves faster on foot and on horseback;
  • You can interact with various objects and characters without getting off your horse;
  • The tooltips have become larger;
  • The ability selected in battle is now highlighted;
  • You can no longer sell all the trash in the inventory for the price of one item;
  • No more friezes on locations when moving;
  • Changed the starting equipment of the heroes in the quest “Get out of the dungeon”;
  • The last fight in the “Cold Welcome” mission has become easier.
In addition, the update affects performance and some settings for the game on PC – the full list of changes can be found on the website.

King’s Bounty II is a world-class Russian RPG, albeit a couple of years late. The world of Nostria amazes with the scope and elaboration of the lore, the battles are impressive in depth, and technical imperfections are easy to forgive against the background of the excellent work of the artists.

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