American TV series ridiculed Selena Gomez’s illness and offended donors around the world

28-year-old singer Selena Gomez has never hidden that she has an autoimmune disease – lupus. This ailment brings her a lot of problems in her life.

Several times she even had to interrupt her career to cope with an exacerbation of lupus. The singer is undergoing various courses of treatment and rehabilitation, but so far the disease has not receded.

Due to lupus in 2017, Selena had to undergo a complex kidney transplant operation. At that time, it was impossible to wait, so her best friend acted as a donor, who agreed to donate her organ to save Gomez’s life. Unfortunately, the other day the singer and her donor friend Francia Rice had to defend themselves online because of a cruel joke in the new American series. Selena was ridiculed by the writers after the story of the operation.

The series “Saved by the Bell” is now gaining great popularity among young people around the world. So, in one of the episodes, there is a conversation between two schoolgirls who are discussing among themselves who owns the kidney transplanted to Selena Gomez? One of the girls is sure that the organ is Justin Bieber, and the second in the dispute claims that the singer is Demi Lovato. In the next episode of the series, viewers can already see the writers’ cruel joke: there is a poster on the wall with the words “Does Selena even have a kidney?” In large letters. Fortunately, Selena has a very large army of fans, so the scriptwriters of the project had to pay for such black humor, and in the truest sense of the word.

After the release of this series, the public was very indignant. Fans began to write to the creators of the series demanding an apology to the artist. The organizers of the project reacted very quickly to the riot of fans and apologized. In an interview with a popular gloss, representatives of the streaming service said:

“We ask you to excuse us for taking Selena’s health condition very lightly. We didn’t want this. We have already contacted her team and agreed that, as an apology, some amount of money will be transferred to the account of Selena’s charity, which is studying the disease of lupus. ”

This statement was seen by a friend of Selena, who donated her kidney. She also decided to speak on this account in the social network Twitter.

“Of course, I really appreciate the apology that was donated as money to charity, but let’s not forget about donors. They also felt offended and humiliated when they saw this spray-painted inscription on the wall. “ – posted by Francia Rice.

By the way, we want to note that Francia and Selena have not communicated for more than a year. The friends had a falling out, but no one officially knows why. Some insiders claim that before Rice agreed to donate her organ to Gomez, she asked her friend to change her lifestyle. After the operation, the singer continued to go to parties and drink alcohol, which greatly upset the donor. Therefore, it is not known what kind of relationship the girlfriends are in now.

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