Andriy Chervichenko: Spartak spent little on transfers, as Fedun has a grudge against the fans

– How would you rate Spartak’s summer transfer campaign: bought only Kofriye, and left Kral, Glushenkov and Mirzov, Urunov and Pedro Rocha?

– There are always a lot of superfluous people in Spartak, because they buy on the basis of let’s buy, and then we will find where to put it. The problem is still in the leapfrog of the coaches, because everyone has their own views, and if at some point Spartak buys a player for one coach, then it turns out that this player is completely unsuitable for another coach. Like a suitcase without a handle. It turns out that “Spartak” is destroying the players and torturing itself.

– Kofrie is a young player and has not yet announced himself. Was it worth buying?

– Another confirmation of this. At the same time, they have already ruined Guliyev’s career, before that Ananidze. He was given on lease until the guy finished his career. And Guliev seems to shine in some team – they drag him back. And then he again turns into something incomprehensible. The same story with Mirzov. If they let the guy go, he would play somewhere and become a key player. And he just starts a little bit – they back him. It’s a tragedy with Rosha. You need to get rid of it for any money, and forget. When it comes to shopping, I think there is something emotional here, because if a raging crowd sends so much negativity to the owner of the club, I don’t think it will induce him to spend some kind of outrageous. I think that the fact that Spartak spent so little has an element of resentment or unwillingness to spend, because whoever you don’t buy, you will still get these squeals.

– Why did Spartak give Kral?

– He was not a player for the amount for which he was bought. If there was some kind of destruction from him, then creation and creativity in his performance is not enough. Stole, in my opinion, costs three to four million. This is his red price. And the fact that Spartak managed to pay fifteen times more is a problem of amateurism. It is clear that the buyer was simply divorced. If they got rid of Kral and got good money, that’s good. He didn’t fit in. Zobnin looks better in this position.

– What do you think about buying Kofrie?

– A strange purchase. Perhaps they decided to do the same somersault as with Gigot. He was taken from Belgium not for fabulous money, but he became one of the best central defenders in Spartak and in the league. Maybe they wanted to buy a healthy, textured guy who will join the attacks, and a destroyer in a pair of Gigot or Jikia. But I think Spartak’s problem is no longer in the middle of the defense, but on the flanks of the defense. Why didn’t they buy anyone there – I don’t know. In general, there are many positions in the team that need to be strengthened. The attackers are not playing now, the full-backs, the middle is kind of dull. Besides the goalkeeper’s position, there are questions everywhere.

– The lack of quality amplification cannot but affect the results, do you agree?

– If everyone gets in shape and if Vitoria forces the players to play the strength they should play, maybe nothing bad will happen. It is not clear to me why clubs, not only Spartak, are in a functional pit. Look at our team, which plays for only twenty minutes, and then barely crawls. Spartak is the same. They barely drag their legs and because of this they cannot win. Either there is no pause so that they can rest. And all because of the idiotic schedule of the championship, when we play 20 rounds before winter, then we don’t do a damn thing for four months, and then we finish the game. Maybe we just get all this exponentially because of the calendar. This is also a big problem. Everything is structurally wrong. And if we add to this the players’ not special desire to die in training, because the rumors are not groundless that Spartak is dissatisfied with the loads, then we understand that somewhere the players do not fully work out and do not want to strain. This indicates that they are hanging out in nightclubs. If they worked to the end in training and gave all the best in games, they would not have time to ride a goat in nightclubs. They would come home, have dinner, and go to bed.

– Spartak will have a difficult schedule. First Khimki, then Legia, then CSKA. Will it be difficult to win at least one of these matches?

– The team had a good calendar. He was supposed to be in the lead, but it turns out that the matches where Spartak was supposed to get hold of points, he played unsuccessfully. You will have to gnaw everything out with the leaders, but in such a functional state it will be difficult to do it. Moreover, not a calm torsida constantly escalates a nervous situation. This prevents the coach and the players from working properly. Then Vitoria is fired before the game, at half-time, then after the match. And from game to game, he constantly goes fired. Exaggerating this topic in the press also does not add to the players’ efficiency and desire to give all their best. One is superimposed on the other and a huge number of negative moments are obtained.

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