Apple fired employee after she publicly reported sexism and harassment at the company

The Verge reports that Apple has fired senior software engineer Ashley Gjovik. The girl has posted on her Twitter posts about harassment, surveillance and privacy violations at Apple over the past few months.

When I started raising the issue of workplace safety in March, I almost immediately faced intimidation and began to prepare for the possibility of being fired. I am disappointed that the company, which I have loved since childhood, treats its subordinates this way.

Ashley’s statement to The Verge.

As an example of sexism at Apple, Gjövik posted a screenshot of her correspondence with her boss, who praised her after the presentation and said she looked “authoritative.”

But that is not all.

So, Apple has a photo of my breasts. When the legal department was opened three years ago, I was forced to give them all the messages from my phone. They set a condition – you can not delete anything, even “absolutely personal”.

When I said that under “absolutely personal, my naked photos”, I was told that they would be in a “secret locker,” so there’s nothing to worry about. And yes, you couldn’t delete them either.

Ashley’s quote from Twitter

In early August, she was sent on vacation, offering psychological help while Apple investigated Gjövik’s statements. And the other day, an Apple manager turned to Ashley, saying that the company wants to talk to her for an hour and discuss this situation.

To this, the employee replied that she would only communicate in correspondence and would send each letter to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The spokesperson replied that since she refused to participate in the discussion, the company will continue to investigate based on the information it has.

While this was happening, Gjövik suspended access to Apple systems. A few days later, the girl received a letter of her dismissal. Official reason: disclosure of internal documents and company correspondence.

Apple declined to comment on the situation, stressing: “We do not discuss specific employee issues, because we value maintaining a positive atmosphere in the workplace.” [The Verge]

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In August, she was offered leave and a psychologist.

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