Ariana Grande admitted that she suffers from a psychological disorder

American singer suffers from nervous breakdowns

American singer Ariana Grande, who graced the cover of the famous glossy Vogue, unexpectedly canceled a fan meeting after her concert in Belgium.

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The celebrity explained this by the fact that she had psychological problems – she suffers from panic attacks and depression. On her Instagram page, Grande apologized to fans for canceling the meeting and assured all fans would receive their money back. In addition, the star admitted that she now needs time to cope with nervous breakdowns.

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“My depression and anxiety are at their peak right now. I tried to hide and fight it, but today it was terribly difficult for me. After several panic attacks, I decided that it would be better to cancel the fan meeting and save my energy for the concert. If only I could control these attacks. But everyone who is familiar with anxiety and depression understands that sometimes you have to play by their rules, “the singer wrote.

Recall that Ariana Grande presented her new video for the song Boyfriend. The video, published on August 1 on YouTube, set a record in two days, gaining more than 17 million views.

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