Beyond Fear: Metroid Dread Review Trailer for Switch Revealed – Lots of New Gameplay

In anticipation of the upcoming release, the company Nintendo presented an overview trailer for an action-platformer Metroid dread, dedicated to all the key features of the next big exclusive Switch

A new mission will lead Samus to the as-yet-unexplored planet ZDR, which holds many secrets. Beneath its surface is a huge maze of different areas: from caves to magma chambers, ancient forests and underwater depths. The heroine has at her disposal a large arsenal of tools for research and combat, including a beam cannon and a rocket launcher, as well as the ability to jump long distances, slide and deliver counterstrikes in close combat.

Russian version of the video:

As Samus continues to explore the planet, she will gain additional abilities such as a spider magnet, morphosphere, moment-displacement and many more. Over time, Samus’s research skills will expand and eventually give her access to the entire planet, allowing her to explore the locations at will.

As they travel through the ZDR, Samus will be hunted by EMMI’s crawlers, a group of nearly invulnerable machines with tough armor that normal attacks cannot penetrate. If the EMMI tracked down and captured Samus, she would meet her end immediately. To avoid this, it is necessary to bypass the EMMI patrons and use all available escape opportunities in case of detection. ZDR also lurks in the dark corners of unknown deadly organisms, and its surface is dotted with the ruins of a long-extinct civilization. Whether Samus will be able to overcome all difficulties and cope with the horror that has seized the planet – the players themselves have to find out.

Metroid Dread goes on sale 8 october… The game is created by the authors Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS and will be translated into Russian.

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