Channel One will show test skates of the Russian national figure skating team

Russian figure skating stars are starting a new season. It will be special, because the Winter Olympics are ahead, less than six months before it. This weekend in Chelyabinsk, the country’s strongest skaters will present programs prepared specifically for the Beijing Games for the first time. And you have a unique opportunity to be the first to see the performances. Channel One will show them live.

The so-called test skates will make it possible to understand which of the participants is applying for places in the national team. And already at the start of the season there are a lot of intrigues. The main one, of course, is which of the girls will take the throne of Alina Zagitova.

This crossroads in Chelyabinsk has already been christened gold – without leaving the place, you can meet here world, European, and Russian champions who rush to trainings completely immersed in themselves, like Alena Kostornaya and Anna Shcherbakova, or blurred in greetings, like Maya Khromykh and Kamila Valieva …

The entire ice arena reacts to the team. Even the law enforcement officers leave the post for a short while to see our skaters skating, who are now the best on the planet.

Such a point of tension has not been seen, let alone Russian sport – the whole world of figure skating. Six figure skaters apply for the Olympic quota in the women’s singles category, of which our country has three, only in the group of Eteri Tutberidze. Hence the attention to programs that can become Olympic.

Kamila Valieva has a piercing Richter and a passionate bolero.

“For me, every appearance on the ice is nervous, so control skates are like another competition. I will not be able to jump over my head, probably, but I will try to do what I do in training, ”Kamila Valieva said.

Alena Kostornaya returns to the ice under the leadership of Eteri Tutberidze. The free program flies to the accompaniment of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”.

Alexander Trusov, a master of the most complex ultra-si elements, both with hair color and music, emphasizes who will light up here.

And Anna Shcherbakova, who heroically took the gold of the Russian and World Championships after the severe course of COVID-19, and now has to recover, after a toe fracture. The viewer will see the other side of the fragile and gentle Shcherbakova – Satan’s ball from The Master and Margarita.

“I always try to do everything to my maximum, so I will always show the maximum of my capabilities, and secondly, of course, show the new programs that we have prepared for the new season, to surprise the audience,” says Anna Shcherbakova.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva can also surprise the audience. For her, this is the third attempt to get to the Olympics, to which she fits in better shape. The new program, Lisa promises, will be sensual – and on the ice the empress will remain true to herself.

“I will not lie that there is absolutely no provocation, but a very beautiful program. I really like it. She’s so hot. You yourself will see everything very soon, ”said Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

Test skates are not a competition, but rather an application for future victories, where skaters receive feedback on their performances in order to polish their programs before the start of the Olympic season. To which they approached fully armed.

Thanks to the improved epidemiological situation, the Traktor arena will be able to visit twice as many spectators than it was planned – a thousand people. And tens of millions of viewers of Channel One will be able to feel their support and see the best performances of our skaters in the smallest detail.

The stars of our figure skating will comment on the test skates, and the famous Canadian commentator Ted Barton, who calls this stage historical for all figure skating, specially flies to Chelyabinsk to work for a foreign audience.

“You don’t look at the fact that there will be no assessments and competitions. These skates will still show us who can become the leader in the Olympic season. Women are going to have an extraordinary struggle. I see a lot of new faces in men – a great start for the future. The Russian team is now the strongest in the world, and the rest of the countries will have to try to catch up with you. So we have an incredible weekend in store for us, ”Ted Barton is convinced.

Of course, it is impossible to tell about all the surprises and intrigues of the upcoming rentals. As they say, it is better to see once how the dizzying journey to the Olympic Beijing begins and one of the most exciting seasons in figure skating.

September 11 and 12 on the First Channel “Hot Ice” – broadcasts from Chelyabinsk, where the country’s strongest figure skaters will present their Olympic programs. Our viewers have an exclusive opportunity to see the performances, as well as interviews with the participants of the rentals.

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