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The situation for Zenit fans in the summer was very sad – no more than a thousand spectators at the matches. Only the lucky ones managed to see football live at the Gazprom Arena. And then, it would seem, good news came: the club reached an agreement with the government of St. Petersburg and Rospotrebnadzor on the admission of 30% of the spectators of the total stadium capacity to the games in September. This included two matches in the Russian Premier League with Akhmat (September 11) and Wings of the Soviets (September 25), as well as one meeting of the group stage of the Champions League with Malmo (September 29). And then there are a lot of “buts”.

Spectators will only be allowed to enter the stadium with a QR code. To get it, you need to fulfill one of two conditions: get vaccinated against COVID-19 or have been ill within the last six months. Visitors to the stadium under the age of 18 will be able to enter the arena without a QR code. To confirm age, you must present a birth certificate or passport.

According to Fontanka, the PCR test was initially included in the list of requirements, but it disappeared from the final wording. Because of this, a lot of problems arose.

It takes 21 days to complete the cycle of the most popular Sputnik V vaccine available. Even if someone caught himself and ran to get vaccinated today, it will not be possible to complete the cycle and receive the coveted QR code until October 1. That is, you will not be able to get to any of the matches in September.

There are options to inject with “CoviVac” or “EpiVacCorona”, where the interval between two vaccines is two weeks. Then you can catch the match with Melmo. But “KoviVak” is rare in the city, and “EpiVacCorona”, the effectiveness of which is in question, and generally hardly remained. In fact, if you want to get into all three games, there is only one option left – “Sputnik Light”, which is injected once.

The office of the vice-governor Boris Piotrovsky told Fontanka that when deciding on the admission of fans to the Smolny stadium, it was guided by the recommendations of the federal Rospotrebnadzor.

“We are acting on the basis of the recommendations of the Federal Rospotrebnadzor to maintain a favorable epidemiological situation in the region. Holding matches with such occupancy is currently possible only if there is a QR code about vaccination or previous illness. According to the rules, today we have a QR code, in principle, only for those who have been ill and vaccinated, ”said the office of the vice-governor.

Rospotrebnadzor could not answer promptly. However, one of the interlocutors in the department explained the absence of a PCR test among the conditions for admission to the stadium: “Usually a PCR test is allowed if it is done no earlier than three days in advance. During this time, a fan can contact the infected dozens of times and have time to get sick himself. “

In August, when the restrictions were even stricter, Zenit sent out apologies to season ticket holders, vouchers for purchases in a club store and a promotional code with a monthly subscription to the Match! Premier “. Now, the club answered Fontanka’s request that the order of attending matches will be announced in the near future. There is no talk of refunds for missed matches.

“The club has prepared a special offer for season ticket holders who, due to restrictions, will not be able to attend the match. Information about the order of visiting the game or a special offer from the club will be sent to the e-mail address of the blue-white-blue fans, ”Zenit said.

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Photo: Sergey Mikhailichenko / / Archive

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