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Xbox Series X / S game consoles come with either 512GB or 1TB built-in M.2 SSD and support Seagate’s proprietary 1TB expansion card. It connects through a special connector on the back of the console and increases the amount of storage for games without sacrificing performance.

Seagate Map

A clear disadvantage of the Seagate card is the unreasonably high price ($ 220 or higher) compared to conventional NVMe drives of the same size. A Chinese modder from the Bilibili forums tackled the problem and got some interesting results.

Original Seagate Card
Original Seagate Card

The proprietary expansion disk uses a special implementation of the CFexpress standard. It supports the PCIe 4.0 protocol, unlike the original version, which was designed for cameras and is limited to PCIe 3.0.

Custom map
CFexpress adapter with NVMe SSD installed

In theory, you can expand your Xbox Series storage using the CFexpress NVMe adapter. At the moment, the experiment was limited to connecting an SSD from another Xbox Series X console. It was already compatible and formatted according to the requirements of the Xbox. In the future, it will probably be possible to use any other NVMe drive.


As a result, the set-top box correctly identified the external drive and was able to transfer data at a speed of 1.7 GB / s. Using a memory stick from the camera resulted in an Xbox compatibility error.

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