Former FIFA President Blatter: I created a monster, but it played by the rules of business. Football has 2 billion fans, no country or religion has this – 09/10/2021

The Swiss led FIFA from 1988 to 2015 and joined the organization in 1975.

“Look, when I started working here, nobody knew FIFA. Every four years there was a World Cup and an Olympic football tournament. This was my first contact with Russia at a tournament in Moscow in 1980. And then the development of football began, it coincided with the development of information systems and television. Private TV.

And then people saw that football is a great product! And on television you have a ready-made show, without any preparation. A lot of money was invested in football, leagues with the best teams appeared. This divided the leagues into rich and not very well-off. If you look at all the leagues, you will see that the Russian teams will rank well.

But most of all, of course, they talk about the English league, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese. They take the best players for themselves. This is business, and business is always a dishonest game. There is supply and demand in business. And if football is already in this system, it cannot go against the rules.

Yes, I created a monster, I should have, but the monster played by the rules of business. I am a master of economics, but I could not stop it because it is supply and demand. This is all sad, but it is a fact. Football has 2 billion fans anyway, and there is not a single country, religion or system with 2 billion people. And football has, ”said Blatter.

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