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Xiaomi TV users have complained about a large number of advertisements in the firmware of their devices. This is reported by the publication GizmoChina.

According to journalists, in order to generate additional profit from each model sold, Xiaomi is introducing an advertising display function in the OS for its TVs. Thus, she manages to keep the cost of production acceptable to the consumer. Many Chinese users reported that they were not satisfied with the large number of ad units. According to TV owners, advertising attacks them in the menu, when the device is turned on and off.

During the recently held Q&A session with the Xiaomi TV team, users expressed their dissatisfaction to the company representatives. The corporation responded that it is “working hard to balance advertising and user experience as much as possible for a better service.”

As noted by the authors, in addition to advertising in the menu, banners and pop-ups are shown in the MIUI shell for TVs. “This can make navigating the user interface awkward,” the journalists stressed. The practice of implementing advertising in software for Xiaomi TVs is currently only applied to the local market.

Many gadget manufacturers broadcast ads on their devices in order to generate additional income. At the beginning of the year, it became known that banner ads will appear in the App Store on the iPhone.

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