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Apple has buried the popular iPod. This is reported by the MacRumors edition.

The American company has officially added the fifth generation iPod touch to the list of obsolete devices. Apple recognized the popular music device as rare eight years after its announcement. According to the company’s rules, a product is considered obsolete if it has not been available for sale for more than five or less than seven years.

The media player was the cheapest iPod with a screen in the American brand’s lineup. The device was released in 2013 as a budget version of the iPod touch introduced a year earlier. Unlike the original model, the compromise device came out only in a version with a 16 gigabyte drive and did not have a rear camera. Also, the gadget was available exclusively in silver.

The inclusion of the player in the list of rare devices means that the company’s service centers may refuse to service and repair the gadget in the absence of spare parts.

The multimedia player has a four-inch IPS-display with a Retina matrix, an Apple A5 chip, a headphone jack and a wired headset included.

In the fall of 2020, Apple declared the seventh generation iPod nano obsolete. The device was released in mid-2015.

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