“He brought me on with his behavior”

Match TV commentator Alexander Shmurnov commented on the skirmish with Alexei Andronov on his YouTube channel.

– It was not a surprise for me that this fragment will be included in the program, because I approved it. In general, this is all a show. It is clear that Andronov is a provocateur by his nature, and I am an explosive person. We build on this everything we do. I perfectly understand that we went out to have fun, but sometimes emotions overwhelm. Yes, he brought me up with his behavior. In principle, it is clear that we exist for this.

When I came out, the producer said to me: “Let’s show it?” I said that we will not show anything. But two days passed, and I agreed. Initially, I did not understand why to show it, because there is nothing interesting except an explosion there. Yes, I think Andronov behaved incorrectly, which is why I flared up. He conducted the conversation in a way that people sitting down together at the table should not.

I do not like this result, I want there to be a heated argument, but so that it does not turn into a similar state. Actually, now I’m sitting at this and laughing. “Shmurnov threw the cap at Andronov” – so what? In my opinion, this is complete garbage, – said Shmurnov.

Recall that Shmurnov and Andronov are the hosts of shows on YouTube, they discuss various news from the world of football.

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