“I am revoking the law on the sale of beer at the stadium, why is it? “United Russia” tricky maneuver slipped us a bill “, reports Vladimir Zhirinovsky – Football

The leader of the LDPR pariah, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, spoke about the bill on the sale of beer at Russian stadiums.

– I am revoking the law on the sale of beer at the stadium, but why is it? A person will get drunk from beer at the stadium: he will drink one bottle, then the second and that’s it …

– Why? In Europe, it has already been proven at stadiums that two glasses of beer will not make a person drunk. Those who are prone to drinking alcohol will get drunk before the start of the match. In addition, football and hockey clubs will earn a lot of money selling alcoholic beverages. Beer in Finland – 2%, even if you drink 20 glasses – nothing will happen.

– And how many percent of alcohol do we have in beer, not 2%? Ask your fans if you need beer at the stadium. We were asked in a cunning way that the law on the sale of beer was passed by the Liberal Democratic Party, and not the government. Then they will say that the percentage of people drinking has increased because of the Liberal Democratic Party.

United Russia, with a cunning maneuver, slipped this bill to us so that this law would come from us. Nobody coordinated anything with me! Understand me that the Liberal Democratic Party cannot pass this law, because we have 40 votes, and they have 340. United Russia will accept anything, they have 340 votes if the government approves. It was important for me to hear the opinion of the fans.

When we banned smoking in public places, we have reduced the number of smokers and diseases in the respiratory organs, the same goes for alcohol. Our younger generation also does not smoke or drink, this is due to the small amount of advertising of tobacco and alcoholic products, – said Zhirinovsky.

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