“If Maguchikh hugged Putin, the Ukrainians could be understood. But what does Lasitskene have to do with it? ”, Reports Yolanda Chen – Athletics

Silver medalist of the 1993 World Cup Yolanda Chen spoke about the scandal around the joint photographs of the Ukrainian high jumper Yaroslava Maguchikh and the Russian woman Maria Lasitskene.

“Of course, such a reaction to photography in Ukraine is surprising. In my opinion, this is some kind of bullshit. In general, in the place of the IOC, I would fine the national federations for such things, which force them to lead their athletes in this way.

It is no coincidence, after all, before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a new slogan “Faster, higher, stronger – together!” Was adopted. This unity was officially emphasized. And if the Maguchikh have problems because of the photo, this is a direct violation of the IOC prescription.

It is impossible to comment on idiocy. All right, Maguchikh would be in the same frame with Vladimir Putin, hugging him and standing on a pedestal. In such a situation, the reaction of the Ukrainians could still be understood. But what does Masha Lasitskene have to do with it?

Yaroslava is openly bullied at home. Naturally, she does not want this, in public now she has to demonstrate in every possible way her separation from the Russian woman. But this is very difficult, since at competitions all athletes are together, and Maguchikh simply cannot leave the common sector and jump in some other one.

If that’s how you feel about what is happening, organize separate tournaments for her. This is some kind of phantasmagoria, and I am wildly sorry for Yaroslav. She is a great athlete. The girl brings glory to her country, but is persecuted for nonsense, ”said Chen.

Ukrainian woman Maguchikh was hounded for a photo with Maria Lasitskene in Tokyo 2020. Insulted on social networks and summoned to a conversation with the Ministry of Defense

Ukrainian Maguchikh about the photo with Lasitsken at the “Diamond League”: “I am not hugged by Maria, but by Nicola McDermott”

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