It seems that Real Madrid leaked Sergio Ramos in time. The defender is devoured by injuries

2021 is the worst year of Sergio Ramos’s career. He has not won a single title with Madrid, but it is even sadder that the captain has become the protagonist of an extremely pathetic story. At first Sergio refused a short contract with Real Madrid and boycotted a salary cut, and then he himself crawled into the club office and asked for a one-year agreement. As it turned out, the offer had expired, so Ramos left Madrid after 15 glorious years.

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On the one hand, I would like to call Florentino Perez a cynical scoundrel who does not know how to beautifully say goodbye to legends. On the other hand, the president acted wisely: he outlined the possibilities, waited for an answer, and made a firm decision. Now, instead of Ramos, Real Madrid is playing Alaba – a versatile Austrian who is 6 years younger than the former captain.

Championship of France

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Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid trophies

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Ponta Sergio would be understandable if he played at the same level as in the 2019/20 season, when he closed his head, thrust from the point and worked out in defense. But in the post-pandemic year, Ramos began to frankly crumble: he missed more matches last season than in the previous five years combined. Even the primitive data from the profile on Transfermarkt is enough to understand that Sergio’s body has failed. Muscles, bones, menisci – all injuries signaled that the new club needed an in-depth medical examination.

Probably, PSG also understood that Ramos was already decrepit, but they gave him a two-year contract and a salary of more than 10 million euros. If Sergio was seen as a mascot, then all is reasonable: the former cap of Madrid can give a lot of lectures on how to pick up the Champions League and score in its finals. But if “Paris” planned to use Ramos as the main CZ, then everything is sad here – Seryoga has not even made his debut for a new club yet.

Back in August, it was revealed that Ramos had problems with the fibula, so he would skip a month and return after an international pause. Time has passed, but the defender is still being treated: according to the latest data, he will not play against Clermont in Ligue 1 or Club Brugge in the Champions League. In the summer, there was talk that PSG might sign Coulibaly because of Ramos’s injury, but this did not happen. Now, instead of Sergio, Tilo Kerer, a gray German defender, who is enough to win the French championship, but not for a triumph in the Champions League, is being cut. The ironic thing is that it was from Kerer that Ramos took his beloved fourth number – Tilo silently moved so as not to spoil his relationship with the great newcomer.

Perhaps Sergio will recover and become the hero of the season at PSG, but so far there are no prerequisites. It would be worth blaming the mediocre Madrid physical training coaches for everything, but in the summer Ramos no longer worked with these specialists – which means that it is not about them, but about the tired body of the legend. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens with elderly central defenders: they drastically change the situation, register in the medical room and quickly finish. So it happened for Rio Ferdinand (seasoner at QPR), and Nemanja Vidic (torment at Inter), and John Terry (a year at Aston Villa and an evening at Spartak). Of course, there are anti-examples like Thiago Silva, but they are in a minority: the usually ripped off veteran defender gets tired of football.

Sergio Ramos at PSG

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Of course, it will be great if Ramos nevertheless recovers and gives out a couple of powerful seasons, but with each new injury, there is less and less faith in such an outcome. Now we can already say: “Real” has competently arranged the farewell to Sergio. Now the captain himself has to say goodbye to football beautifully.

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