Julia Roberts 53. Top 5 best films of the actress

At the end of October, the Hollywood celebrity celebrates its 53rd birthday.

On October 28, actress and producer Julia Roberts turns 53. She is still in the top of the highest paid actresses on the planet, takes part in charity work, produces new projects. Julia is an Academy Award winner, three Golden Globe laureates, BAFTA statuette and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Julia’s resume includes more than one major role in the famous hits of cinema. Celebrity birthday Focus recalls the brightest roles of the Hollywood actress.

“Pretty Woman”, 1990

At the time of filming in the film Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts already had an Oscar nomination for the film Steel Magnolias, but the actress’s real fame was brought by the role of a prostitute in Harry Marshall’s Pretty Woman. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that there is, perhaps, not a single girl who, at least once in her life, has not watched the love story of a prostitute and an influential businessman.

It is worth noting that despite the very ambiguous profession of the heroine Julia Roberts, the film definitely cannot be called vulgar. On the contrary, the picture is filled with romance and feminine sentimentality. Thus, the profession of Beauty ceases to matter. Millionaire and prostitute ─ what could be more impressive? Plus, if it’s the incredibly charming Roberts and handsome man Richard Gere. For her role as Vivian, Julia Roberts won her first Golden Globe and was also nominated for an Academy Award.

“Best Friend’s Wedding”, 1997

At the stage of filming the comedy melodrama “Best Friend’s Wedding”, Julia Roberts has already firmly established herself in the status of a Hollywood celebrity, but for Cameron Diaz, who played a supporting role in the hit comedy, participation in such a stellar team was a real breakthrough in her career. It is this picture that they like to show on weekends, on women’s holidays.

The plot of the picture tells the story of two university friends, Julianne and Michael, who entered into an agreement that they would definitely get married if they did not find other lovers before the age of 28. After 9 years, Michael reports that he finally met his soul mate and invites his girlfriend to the wedding. But it is at this moment that Julianne realizes that she loves Michael. And she intends to return it by all means. Although there are not many girls who would not know the plot of this picture.

Notting Hill, 1999

The genre of romantic comedy is perhaps one of the favorite in the filmography of the actress. There is no denying: in romance, a Hollywood celebrity is like a fish in water.

Speaking specifically about Noting Hill directed by Roger Micchell (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary), it is worth noting that the film was very well received by critics and at the same time became the highest grossing in the year 1999 was released. And this happens quite rarely! By the way, Micchel altered the plot of the picture so much that few people recognized in Notting Hill a remake of Roman Vacation with Audrey Hepburn in 1956. There was neither a princess nor a journalist in the picture. an unlucky bookseller and Hollywood celebrity, whom the main character ran into just on the street, the audience saw a clash and a stunning romance between people from two different worlds.

Erin Brockovich, 2000

The picture for which the celebrity finally received the long-awaited Oscar. Julia Roberts played a woman with a difficult life and a difficult character. The plot of the tape is based on real events. Erin Brockovich is a real existing woman, a single mother with three children, who, overnight, is left without means of living. At the same time, her interests could not be defended by the lawyer who defended her in court. Now Erin is sure that the lawyer is responsible for her future fate and demands from him to take her to work in a law firm, motivating this step by the presence of an incomplete legal education.

A naturally curious new employee of a law firm reads mail too carefully. And a simple real estate case ends with one of the most high-profile lawsuits to protect the rights of people affected by environmental pollution.

“Proximity”, 2004

The film “Proximity” became one of the hits in 2004, and was also nominated for two Oscars. Critics praised the work of four famous actors: Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen and, of course, Julia Roberts herself.

According to the plot of the picture, the aspiring writer Dan meets the girl Alice and falls in love with her. However, he is not at all against flirting with the photographer Anna, who, in the end, rejects him. Anna meets with dermatologist Larry. In the future, the fates of these heroes are intertwined in an amazing way and bring painful feelings to each character in the plot.

“Eat, pray, love!”, 2010

How sometimes we want to escape from everyday life, everyday life, dullness that eat us up from the inside! Change at least something, break out of the familiar space into the street, breathe in the city air. Everything is bad? No, no global destruction has happened, but something is wrong, and what exactly is impossible to understand until you go on a journey. Someone said: don’t dream of moving – move. The heroine of Julia Roberts, in panic fear of change (as, probably, we all, well, or at least a good half) still decides to go on a long journey without a clear plan, knowing only an approximate route: an excellent decision to finally decide , with what you really want.

Elizabeth Gilbert, performed by the amazing Julia Roberts, first goes to Italy, where she learns all the subtleties of the most musical language in the world, as well as the most delicious cuisine on the planet, then to India to get to know herself better, and finally to the sea to complete your grandiose journey amid the rustle of the surf. However, she does not succeed in relaxing on the coast, because the most important adventure awaits her, which can only happen to a free (lonely – not the right word at all) woman – love.

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