Kristen Stewart talks about filming Spencer

In November, the premiere of Pablo Larrain’s film “Spencer: The Secret of Princess Diana”, in which Kristen Stewart played the main role, will take place. The actress said that during filming, she felt the presence of the Princess of Wales.

Shot from the Spencer trailer

Kristen Stewart noted that she did not encounter anything paranormal, but from time to time she felt the “spirit” of Diana. “I had some eerie feelings, as if her spirit was there. It happened even at the moment when I was signing a contract to shoot the film, ”the actress admitted.

Kristen Stewart (“Spencer”)

Stewart admitted that she got used to the role so much that for a while she even forgot that Diana was no longer there, but every time she had to return to reality, it destroyed her. “Diana was so alive to me. Yes, this is my fantasy, but for moments my body and mind forgot that she was dead, ”Kristen told the LA Times.

On the eve of the premiere of the film has already taken place at the Venice Film Festival. The film tells about the events of 1991, when on Christmas Eve Lady Dee realized that their marriage to Charles could no longer be saved. It was in those days that Diana decided to divorce the Prince of Wales. The premiere of the film is set for November 5, 2021!

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