Limit on RPL legionnaires: opinion on the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Today the President of Russia spoke about the limit on legionnaires in our football. Here is a quote Vladimir Putin:

“I’ve heard recently: let’s remove the limitation on the number of legionnaires. Wonderful. Don’t you know that the Russian national team hasn’t played at the Olympic Games since 1988? Well, it won’t be playing for 20 years if only foreigners are there, ”the president said.

Judging by what we hear from the House of Football, they really want (wanted?) To deal with the limit. Many people said that it did more harm than good. The current coach of the national team insists on this. Valery Karpin

“Who’s to say that Putin is wrong?” How Russia reacted to the president’s words about the limit

In five paragraphs, we explain why the president’s words about the limit, said at a meeting of the Council for Physical Culture and Sports, were surprised. Dmitry Peskov (Putin’s press secretary) later noted that this is only the opinion of the president and decisions on this issue will be for the RFU. However, there is a feeling that it is not so easy to go against the opinion of the first person of the state.

1. The president of any country has enough things to do besides football (especially since Putin has never been considered a fan of this particular sport). There was a very short mention of the topic of the limit. The only argument is the absence of the Russian team at the Olympics. It is strange that a minor tournament was given as an example, because the main competitions are the World Championships and the European Championships. It is there that all the attention is at the level of the national teams, and very few people watch football at the Olympics.

2. Even if we attribute the Olympics to important tournaments, the limit on foreign players did not help us much. More precisely, it did not help at all. It was introduced in 2005, and since then our players have never made it to the Olympics. For example, the last time we did not even make it to the youth Euro 2019, and in this tournament it was required to get to the semifinals in order to go to the Olympics. This is how far we were from the goal. More than 10 years of the limit did not help us at all.

3. The relaxation of the limit is promoted by the RFU. The organization is run by people who are quite loyal to the state. Alexander Dyukov – a systemic person from an understandable environment. If he was entrusted with a position, it seemed logical to entrust strategic decisions as well. Moreover, these decisions seem to be in the interests of our country. But this is the next point.

4. Perhaps the main point. For example, Egor Titov believes that the limit has killed an entire generation. The Russians are included in the composition precisely because of the passport, and not because they are stronger. Not always, but often – our players have ceased to compete with foreigners. In addition, due to the limit, Russians receive salaries in clubs above market value.

For example, Roman Zobnin from “Spartak” he spoke about the desire to leave to develop in the top leagues, but still remains in the RPL. Perhaps, in part, because outside of Russia, hardly any club will give him a salary in the region of € 3.5 million per year. Few people want to go for a pay cut like Alexey Miranchuk… As a result, the Russian national team suffers. Yes, we have a guaranteed number of Russians in clubs, but these players do not have real competition and full motivation.

5. The trouble with the Russian championship is that our clubs are unprofitable. Teams really only make money on transfers. Previously, CSKA did it successfully, now – “Rostov”. Easing the cap will help the clubs payback. Arkady Dvorkovich said in the editorial office of the “Championship” that the state already spends a lot on professional football and simply cannot do more. This is understandable – conditional health care is more important. That is, the recoupment of the clubs is clearly in the interests of the country, when the majority of teams live off state funding.

They say that the cancellation of the limit will hit the Russian national team.  Why is this complete nonsense
They say that the cancellation of the limit will hit the Russian national team. Why is this complete nonsense

In addition to these five arguments, there are others: a weakening of the limit will increase Zenit’s chances of qualifying from the Champions League group (which is also the country’s image). This also includes the suffering of the rest of our clubs in European competition. By the way, it is even surprising that the positions of Zenit and the state do not coincide.

It could also be said that the public position of the President of Russia could anger FIFA. The international organization is extremely sensitive to the influence of the state on the affairs of local federations. Such signals were even in relation to Spain, and not only to the “dwarf” countries. Although in reality, in our case, any punishment is unlikely.

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