Microsoft invites you to the second beta of Halo Infinite – it will feature full-fledged PvP matches

The first test flight took place at the end of July Halo: Infinite, which, although it gave the first idea of ​​what to expect from multiplayer, was limited exclusively to battles with bots.

Today the developers from the studio 343 Industries dated the next round of shooter testing, confirming that full-fledged multiplayer battles with live players will be available in it… The launch will take place 24 september

Test invitations will again be sent to selected participants Halo Insiderwho have entered the program and have fully completed their profile before 13 september… You can do it here

According to community directors 343i Brian Gerrard, the main focus in the second beta will be on PvP modes Arena (including a new card) and Big Team Battle

Full release Halo: Infinite will take place 8 december immediately in Game pass… The multiplayer part will be distributed separately from the story campaign on a shareware model.

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