online discussing Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana

This week’s trailer for Spencer: The Secret of Princess Diana, starring Kristen Stewart, has delighted fans of the actress. In the one-minute clip, fans got a glimpse of Stewart’s brilliant acting and gorgeous British accent.

In the teaser for the movie, Princess Diana, performed by Kristen Stewart, utters only two phrases: “They know everything” off-screen and “They won’t” in the frame, referring to the as-yet-unknown character Sally Hawkins. But it turned out to be enough to drive fans wildly. They said that the American star’s British accent was “on top”, and her manner of acting accurately conveys the character of the late princess.

Fans blew up social media with their enthusiastic comments:

“Hey guys! Bella Cullen, aka Kristen Stewart, will play the role of Diana Spencer in the new Spencer movie due in 3 months! Her British accent is perfect! Can’t wait to see this! She’s so good in the trailer that I didn’t even recognize her ”;

“I just watched the trailer for Spencer and I’m afraid Kristen will outshine everyone at the 2022 Academy Awards.”

“Just saw the Spencer trailer! My God, if Kristen doesn’t get an Oscar after that, I will sue everyone and their grandmother, I just know that it will be very cool! “;

“Well, Kristen Stewart doesn’t look like Diana in the new Spencer trailer, but her accent! Is very similar. I like it!”;

“Just watched the trailer for Spencer. I feel like the Oscars period has come for Kristen Stewart, – this is how fans commented on the new trailer for the film about Princess Diana.

Critics, unlike fans, were very skeptical about the project. The fact is that the action of the film takes place at the end of 1991, at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk. According to royal biographers Robert Jobson and Ingrid Seward, at this time Diana had already stopped visiting this estate.

“I’m sure she wasn’t there on those holidays. In the film, it is assumed that it was here that the decision was made to divorce, in fact, she never made this decision. I don’t think she was in Sandringham after 1990, and the movie takes place in 1991, ”Robert told True Royalty on the air.

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