“Opportunities must be equal, I am not interested in beating an opponent who has been clipped,” says Lewis Hamilton of Russell – Auto

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton shared his thoughts on what is expected from George Russell, who will become his new team-mate next season.

“I watched a lot of his races, watched his aerobatics and maneuvers. He is a very talented driver, there can be no doubt about that. I didn’t look into the details, I didn’t look for his weak points … I wouldn’t say that I spent a lot of energy on it. All I know is that George will get stronger in each of the nine remaining races this season, and it will be hot next year.

George is a representative of a new, younger generation. It seems to me that the emergence of more and more young talents is very great for the future of Formula 1. And that a surge of fresh blood will only benefit our team – this is understandable, because I am the old man here. I think this will give the team strength – the guys know that a young rider comes to the team, who is incredibly hungry for success, he will be extremely energized and will help the team move forward, ”said Hamilton.

Lewis is also confident that in the case of Russell he will be able to avoid the negative moments that took place in cooperation with Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso:

“Each team deals with this issue differently. In fact, Formula 1 is a very strange sport – that is, it is a team sport, but at the same time it is individual. We have two different championships. Individually, you want to finish as high as possible, but at the same time you have to do your job helping the team. And finding a balance is very difficult. But I would like to think that the past has become a lesson for me and should now be better prepared.

I didn’t try to block Russell’s crossing. Even when I just moved to Mercedes in 2013, I immediately told Ross Brown that I needed equal opportunities with any partner. Because it’s right – and you feel better, realizing that you have succeeded and do your job better, ahead of an opponent who showed his maximum. I am not interested in defeating an opponent who has had their wings clipped. “

George Russell: “Hamilton and I are at different stages of our careers – I don’t see how problems can arise”

Hamilton’s new team-mate is a qualifying genius with no experience of fighting the tops. Russell is expected to win, but Lewis won’t be able to beat him right away

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