Pregnant Kylie Jenner showed off two zesty bows

The 24-year-old businesswoman recently announced her second pregnancy.

Yesterday Kylie Jenner twice captured by the paparazzi in New York and the girl chose two very piquant images for her social events.

In Midtown, the star walked in front of the cameras wearing a transparent black jumpsuit over which was a crumpled black cloak. In her hand, Kylie was holding a small black bag, and she was shod in leather high-heeled shoes. The belly in this outfit was almost invisible, which cannot be said about Jenner’s other exit.

Kylie Jenner / Getty Images

Kylie’s second image was bright. She was wearing a white and blue T-shirt with ties that were tied at the waist and thus the model showed a really grown belly. Kylie also wore black low-cut wide jeans and orange pumps with heels. And on top she put on a long leather cloak. Jenner pulled her hair into a bun, put on makeup and complemented the bow with a few gold accessories around her neck. The star was without a mask.

Kylie Jenner / Getty Images

Cali is expecting a second child from her boyfriend Travis Scott, the couple is already raising a three-year-old daughter, Stormi.

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