Racing Series Culmination: Gran Turismo 7 New Details and Screenshots

Polyphony Digital Studio Leader Kazunori Yamauchi Released New Official Details of Car Simulator Gran turismo 7created exclusively for consoles PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

  • The GT Campaign mode will return and a new location on the GT Cafe map will appear, where players will have to collect cars into a collection of culturally significant cars;
  • Modernization of cars will offer not only tuning the engine, but also improving the suspension, gearbox, braking system, tires, as well as other automotive components and assemblies;
  • The workshop will be able to install new rims, roll bars and aerodynamic elements, expand the body, as well as change the oil, wash the car and perform other maintenance procedures;
  • The paint scheme editor was improved, making it more convenient and functional;
  • Historic tracks such as Trial Mountain and High-Speed ​​Ring will return and will be updated with increased detail on PlayStation 5;
  • Dynamic time and weather systems have become more realistic. Using a large amount of meteorological data, including from the archives of NASA, the studio has developed a model of the atmosphere, unique for Gran Turismo, in which the number and concentration of aerosol particles in the air vary depending on the place and time of day;
  • The updated Scapes photo mode will offer more than 2.5 thousand locations in 43 countries around the world with increased realism of the created images through the use of high dynamic range, ray tracing and professional special effects, including the function of shooting with wiring.

According to YamauchiGran Turismo 7 is the culmination of a series that fulfills the long-standing expectations of GT fans, while at the same time heralds the start of a challenging mission to combine the breadth of automotive culture of the past into one video game.

Fresh screenshots:

GT7 comes out March 4, 2022

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