Reshetova was accused of stealing ideas from Kim Kardashian because of her brand of underwear: Phenomena: Values:

Russian fashion model and ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati Anastasia Reshetova announced the launch of her own lingerie brand and was accused of stealing ideas from TV star Kim Kardashian West. The corresponding comments appeared on her Instagram account.

The 25-year-old celebrity published a commercial in which she showed the future logo of the Geisha brand. In the above footage, Reshetova poses under red lighting in a black geisha robe. “My new project. Opening soon ”, – the model signed the publication, which gained 238 thousand views.

The post of the fashion model angered her subscribers. So, some accused her of cultural appropriation (the concept according to which the borrowing or use of elements of one culture by members of another is a negative phenomenon – approx. “”). “Cultural appropriation in Russia is apparently not a topic yet,” “Your image is a parody of a geisha, which is tactless,” “I hope you are not a geisha here, but a bat,” the fans wrote.

At the same time, other users criticized Reshetova’s appearance and believed that she stole the business idea from the entrepreneur Kim Kardashian-West, who owns the Skims lingerie brand. “Like Skims?”, “Beauty salons, panties. Try to do something meaningful in this life ”,“ Everything is according to the scenario of Samoilova and Dzhigan ”,“ What a vulgarity you are ”,“ And when Kim named her brand Kimono, she received a wave of hate, ”the users commented.

In January, changes in the appearance of Anastasia Reshetova surprised fans. She starred against a wall in a black leather jacket and a skirt of the same color. At the same time, makeup in brown tones was applied to her face. The fans did not recognize the model and criticized her for the photoshop and the abundance of make-up.

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