Ronaldo may debut against Newcastle. As it will be?

On Saturday 11 September, Manchester United will host Newcastle in Round 4 of the Premier League. The central intrigue is whether the main newcomer of the Red Devils will enter the field?

At the base or from the bench?

Having scored a double in the last minutes in the match Portugal – Ireland (2: 1), Cristiano left the national team with a feeling of overfulfilled duty. So the Portuguese had enough time to prepare for his debut. However, when was Ronaldo not ready to play? And now the super-bomber is determined:

– I am ready and will put pressure on Solskjaer to include me in the starting lineup. I’m not here to rest. This is a great chance for me, the club and the fans to take a step forward. I am sure that in the next three or four years we will make some noise.

It will not be difficult for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to find a place for Ronaldo on the field. To do this, it will be necessary to make a minimum of rearrangements compared to the match of the 3rd round against Wolverhampton (1: 0). Daniel James went on loan to Leeds, which means that space on the right flank of the attack is free. Mason Greenwood will most likely go there, who scores in every game so far. Ronaldo can play as a center forward, which he did in the last years of his career.

It is not excluded, of course, that Solskjaer will not succumb to “pressure” from his ward and will leave him on the bench, as is usually done with newcomers. Then, for example, Edinson Cavani can come out at the base, and Krish will already replace the Uruguayan in the second half.

Ronaldo vs. Newcastle

Cristiano has never lost to Newcastle – as, in general, and many other English clubs. He played against the “forty” 10 times and won 9 matches. Scored 5 goals against Ronaldo against Newcastle and assisted partners three times. It is very likely that this time the statistics will not be corrupted either. Steve Bruce’s team started the season with two defeats and one draw and generally looks far from the best. However, the players have a fighting mood before the game. Still: any English team dreams of spoiling the festival for the fans of “Manchester United” at their home stadium. Newcastle winger Allan Saint-Maximin says:

– I will try to prove myself to the maximum, because thanks to Ronaldo this game will be watched by the whole world. I’m sure of myself. The meeting will not be easy, but I think everyone will see what I am capable of. If we now think only about Ronaldo, then we will certainly lose.

Newcastle is now in a wounded beast position, so the team should not be underestimated. Judging by the words of Saint-Maximin, the team, unlike the fans, has not lost faith in Bruce and is ready to fight for the coach. A win over United with Cristiano would be a great response to all critics. But you will have to try very hard …

No TV!

The most curious thing about Ronaldo’s potential debut is that no one will see him in England. Rather, only those who come to Old Trafford at 14:00 GMT will see it. It will be impossible to watch the match between Manchester and Newcastle on TV. It’s all about the so-called 3pm blackout – a ban on live broadcasts of games that run from 14:45 to 17:15. This tradition dates back to the earliest days of football broadcasting in England, in the 1960s. It is designed to protect the attendance of matches of those teams that live mainly on the fans who come to the stadium.

If the match, which is planned for such an important event as the return of Ronaldo, was broadcast on TV, some fans of smaller clubs (for example, from the Championship) could stay at home and watch it. And so they will go to the stadiums and support their teams with pounds sterling.

Great financial support is also guaranteed for Manchester United following the match against Newcastle. The club took advantage of the fact that the meeting would not be shown on TV and raised ticket prices. If you just want to buy the cheapest one, without any bonuses and club cards, you will have to spend 265 pounds, which equals more than 26 thousand rubles. At the same time, the most expensive tickets cost 2.5 thousand pounds – that is, somewhere around 250 thousand rubles.


Ronaldo’s debut for Manchester is expected in England, almost like the wedding of some member of the royal family. Cristiano always knew how to catch courage, and it is very possible that he will catch him this time too, feeling the mood of the fans. On the other hand, what you are looking forward to is often disappointing.

Follow the text broadcast of the match of the 4th round of the Premier League “Manchester United” – “Newcastle” on our website on September 11 at 17:00 Moscow time.

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