Salavat Yulaev won the fourth match in a row, but the fans are angry – they don’t like the team’s new uniform

When “Spartak” became not the main red and white irritant.

Salavat Yulaev beat Spartak (2: 1) in the first home match of the KHL regular championship. However, the most discussed event was not the teams’ game, not the original double banner of Ufa fans, not the long-awaited debut of a newcomer, and not the arrival of three old acquaintances from Spartak Dmitry Kugryshev, Vyacheslav Solodukhin and Eduard Gimatovawho played in Ufa last season. Much more resonance both among the fans and the entire hockey community was caused by the new form of “Salavat”. Rather, its new elements.

Sergey Shmelev and Dmitry Vishnevsky / photo (hereinafter): press service of “Salavat Yulaev”


Now, on the jersey of the Ufa team, three logos of the Fonbet bookmaker company flaunt at once – on the waist and on the shoulders. “Salavat” announced the form an hour before the match, having posted a photo from the dressing room, and immediately faced a wave of bewilderment. And that’s putting it mildly. Now, under every post of the club on social networks, you can find outrage with demands to return the previous version of the form. Firstly, such red inserts do not go well with the colors of the club. Secondly, the inserts on the shoulders, which were dubbed red shoulder straps, now cover the embroidered name of the capital of Bashkortostan.

“If the fans didn’t like this uniform, then I think it can be changed. But we, as players, have little influence on this, ”said the center striker who recovered from an injury after the match. Victor Tikhonov, who made his debut with Salavat. Tikhonov is not the first to evaluate the new form of the team. Last season, together with other players, he assessed the new form and logo of Ak Bars. “Will the money be returned? This is generally squalor, ”said Victor. But then the Kazan club played its hockey players like that on April 1. “Salavat” is not a joke at all. But Tikhonov also spoke this time much more tactfully.

Victor Tikhonov

It’s funny that right before the start of the season, the leadership of Salavat stated that they did not start making a new kit for the new season, because they were satisfied with last year’s version. “Our form has been absolutely successful since that year. We believe that there is no need to change what worked well. Fans and hockey players liked this uniform, “said the general director of Salavat. Rinat Bashirov

In fact, everyone in the club now admits that the current solution with the introduction of a sponsor is the most unfortunate. On the day of the match, the form was shown to the top management – everyone admitted that it was very bad. But there were no more opportunities to change something in a few hours. However, now Salavat will still work on a new design. Although it is as laconic as possible to embed the sponsor’s logo into the form, taking into account the club colors, it still will not work.


The main colors of Fonbet are red and white. It will not be possible to embed the sponsor’s name in white letters on a green background, because these are the main colors of their competitors – “Betting League”. Fonbet is unlikely to make concessions on this issue, and Salavat will not bend its line. The new sponsor, according to the club, has signed a very good contract. Of course, the leadership of Salavat before the start of the season also stated that the club has all the financial guarantees, and for the coming years. But additional funds are unlikely to be in the way. You never know what.

But compromises will be sought in the club in any case. So, on September 11, Salavat in a home match with Neftekhimik for the first time this season will play in a black uniform, on which the name of the sponsor will be embedded in white letters. No red background. With a green home uniform, they’ll probably try the red lettering on a white background. This makes the logo less likely to become a “red rag” for fans. But on the white guest uniform, most likely, there will already be just red letters, without additional patches.

Fonbet also became the title sponsor of Dynamo Moscow and Minsk. But Dynamo managed to embed the sponsorship logo in a laconic way. For this, among other things, Salavat was criticized. However, the Dynamo team was allowed to do this by the club colors – blue and white, to which Fonbet has no particular complaints. By the way, two Dynamos have only one sponsorship. At the Moscow one – under the main logo. Minsky has it on his shoulders. Salavat has both options at once. But the residents of Ufa, obviously, received the best contract for this.

Bookmakers began to appear on the uniforms of KHL teams only from this season. So far, only Fonbet has this right, which in general has an exclusive sponsorship agreement with the league. It is unrealistic for someone else to enter the KHL now. But from the next season, the “exclusive” will be removed. So far, Fonbet is seizing the opportunity and occupying the market. “Letters have already been sent to the clubs explaining that teams have the right to sign direct contracts with bookmakers starting from the 2022/23 season. Of course, with the obligatory agreement with the league and its partner. Thus, we will be able to potentially work with the KHL clubs only in a year, “said the head of the sponsorship department of Parimatch in Russia in an interview with BUSINESS Online. Alexey Levinsky.

Teemu Hartikainen

The same Parimatch now has a title partnership with the MHL and the Sochi Hockey Open pre-season tournament. Previously, Salavat also collaborated with them. The company sponsored the summer tournament of the Cup of the Republic of Bashkortostan and organized broadcasts of individual friendly matches of the Ufa team. And here is another summer tournament – organized by “Ak Bars” TANECO Champions Cup already sponsored by BetBoom. Obviously, the role of bookmakers in hockey is becoming more and more important.

KHL. Regular season

Salavat Yulaev (Ufa) – Spartak (Moscow) – 2: 1 (0: 1, 2: 1, 0: 0)
9th of September. Ufa-Arena. 3465 spectators.
0: 1 Shirokov (Petterson, Lehtera, 10:41)
1: 1 Zubarev (Biryukov, Platt, 26:37)
2: 1 Shmelev (Kadeikin, Koledov, 39:59)
Goalkeepers: Metsola – Krasikov

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