Shapi in Turkey. Reload or link?

The forward, who was recently considered promising in Russia, is trying on the role of the rented one.

It is suspiciously easy for Krasnodar, famous throughout the country for its football academy, to part with its pupils in recent years. Not even half a year passes without one of them leasing or saying goodbye to the club at all. And we are not talking about ordinary graduates, but about those who showed great promise and appeared in the main team, including in European competitions. Or in the Russian youth team.

The most recent example is 21-year-old striker Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov, who was loaned to Turkish Giresunspor just before the summer transfer window closed.

In August, the “bulls” released 25-year-old midfielder Ilya Zhigulev to the Polish “Zaglembe”. True, he had not played for the base for a long time in Krasnodar, he was all staggering on leases – Tosno, Ural, Rotor, or played for the second team.

Earlier, in mid-July, Krasnodar borrowed 21-year-old midfielder Daniil Utkin to Akhmat for a year. And that in Grozny unexpectedly blossomed in the first matches.

The list can be continued, remembering, for example, the sale of striker Ivan Ignatiev to Rubin, but the trend is already seen very clearly. Something is wrong in the “kingdom” of Sergei Galitsky, if the best pupils of the club run out of it in all four directions. Even if it is for rent, because in any case it is a bell for Krasnodar and for the player himself.

“Stop fantasizing about his stardom”

Shapi made his debut with the Bulls on July 16, 2017 in a match with Rubin (2: 1), at the age of 17, becoming the youngest graduate of the club academy to play for the main team. And a week and a half later he scored the first goal. It happened in the game of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League with Danish Lyngby, and Magomed’s ball was victorious for Krasnodar – 2: 1.

Goals in European competitions, in general, have become Shapi’s trademark. Moreover, some of them were rare in beauty. For example, against Valencia in the 1/8 finals of the 2018/19 Europa League (1: 1) or against Sevilla (2: 3) in the group stage of the 2020/21 Champions League. It seems that the ambitious Krasnodar player was somehow in a special way tuned in to the matches in Europe, trying to show his best side.

Hot journalist heads began to sing the praises of the young talent, calling him either “Russian Messi” or the new Robben. Hinting at his original dribbling, frequent effective flank-to-center shifts and aimed strikes from the left. But such advances were clearly premature.

– Shapi is undoubtedly a talented football player with good inclinations and qualities. And in terms of human qualities, a wonderful guy, – so one and a half years ago, the head coach of the youth national team of Russia Mikhail Galaktionov characterized the Krasnodar Territory. – But now we need to stop fantasizing about his stardom. Everything should be step by step: Shapi from a substitute player must become a player in the starting line-up. And to say that he will play at Barça tomorrow … For me, these are unnecessary conversations that can only interfere with him.

As the helmsman of the youth team looked into the water.

Now many credit Suleimanov that by the age of 21 he had played more than a hundred matches for the main team of Krasnodar. By the way, the first of the students of the academy. But few people know that from the starting to the final whistle, Shapi played nothing at all – as a rule, he came out as a substitute, or he was changed during the game.

Here are the statistics of Suleimanov’s games in the Russian championships.

  • Season 2017/18: matches – 4, of which incomplete – 4, goals – 0.
  • Season-2018/19: 20, 19, 8
  • Season-2019/20: 27, 18, 4
  • Season-2020/21: 27, 26, 4

Weird numbers, right? It turns out that in four years at Krasnodar, Shapi, in fact, did not become a stable player in the base – neither for Murad Musaev, nor for Viktor Gancharenko. Although all the prerequisites for this seemed to be. Against this background, even a nickname stuck to him – Shapi-Time.

In theory, a 21-year-old guy shouldn’t have problems with “physics”. Yes, in May last year I had a coronavirus, but, by his own admission, in a mild form, it’s okay.

For some time, Magomed was prevented from playing with thoughts about a new contract, but they have long been behind him, along with an “inadequate” salary of 700 thousand rubles a month.

And you can’t say that Krasnodar did not trust him.

– He is a qualified footballer, he did a lot for the club. And there are recessions, so we support him so that he goes to a new level, – the opinion of Musaev a year ago.

Can’t stand the competition

With the arrival in April of Gancharenko in the position of Suleimanov, little has changed in the team. Last season, under Viktor Mikhailovich, he took part in four official matches, the same number on his account in the current one. Every time, except for one (with Ural), he came out on the bench, on average 10-12 minutes. He was not marked by effective actions. And in general, somehow wilted.

Perhaps the point is the competition, which Shapi does not withstand in the dispute with the more skilled Frenchman Remy Cabella and the forward of the Russian national team Alexei Ionov. For obvious reasons, Gancharenko trusts both more, and the graduate of the club academy gets crumbs of playing time, which does not suit either him or his agent.

In fact, the 21-year-old footballer and his representatives would have to abandon the illusion that a gifted guy is expected in Barcelona, ​​Borussia, or elsewhere. It’s time to restart your career, so your current lease can come in handy.

Another thing is that the newcomer of the Turkish league “Giresunspor” is not the best option, in my opinion, for Shapi to start from scratch. The team had an extremely unsuccessful start in the championship, not gaining a single point in three matches and not scoring a single goal in them. It will not be easy for a beginner, especially with an unsettled psyche and without the skills of living abroad.

And the words of the footballer’s agent that his ward is determined to conquer Turkey and get into the Russian national team are akin to talking about the “Russian Messi” and the “new Robben”.

I am sure it would have been more useful for Shapi to spend the season in Akhmat, Nizhny Novgorod or Ural, but he failed to come to an agreement with them.

In any case, I really want Suleimanov not to repeat the fate of his friend, former partner in the academy and Krasnodar, Ivan Ignatiev, who by the age of 22 for some reason decided that he had already achieved everything in football.

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