“Stole is not a loss for Spartak. And Hendrix is ​​working out his money. ” Sport-Express

Famous football agent Alexey Safonov appreciated Spartak’s transfer campaign.

“So far I can’t say anything about the red-and-white newcomer Kofrie. The only thing is that no one can really pronounce his name … I have the impression that the owner of the club, Leonid Fedun, reasoned like this: “The season is a failure, why strengthen?” So they decided not to take anyone. Because a new coach will come – again new players need to be bought. Something like this. How long will Vitoria work? I think until the winter break. Since no one has been brought to him now, this is already a call.

I don’t consider Kral’s departure a loss. The way he played … Let’s call a spade a spade. Fernando was the defining player, and Promes was at his peak, too. And I can’t say that about the Czech. Is Zobnin really weaker?

“Spartak” needs to delve into itself. Why is Teal playing like that in the Netherlands now? And here he did not take root. Why? Although they paid almost 20 million for it. We just have one step from love to hate …

Hendrix stayed. But I don’t see anything wrong with that. A man was worth 500 thousand, he works out this money. That is, Spartak did not risk anything here. People are now afraid to make big transfers after the story with Teal, “Safonov told SE.

The full interview with Alexei Safonov can be read here.

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