The main advantages of Windows 11 over Windows 10 are named

Windows 11

Microsoft Vice President Steve Dispensa spoke about the improvements awaiting those who upgrade their computers from Windows 10 to Windows 11. The new OS will be released this fall and will be free for users of the previous version of Windows.

Dispena claims that Microsoft engineers have paid great attention to optimizing all processes occurring in the operating system, therefore, based on preliminary tests, the RAM load is reduced on average by 32%, and the CPU load is reduced by 37%. Intel processors starting from the eighth generation will support Windows Instant Wake, so you can log in almost without delay, almost like on smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS. The data on the drive will be distributed more efficiently, which will extend the life of both the HDD and SSD. Background applications will be able to work only with those system resources that are not used by the main applications, that is, they will not slow down their performance at all.

The release of Windows 11 is scheduled for October 5th. The new OS offers a radically changed interface and many new features, but at the time of release it will be deprived of one of the most anticipated features – support for applications and games for Android. The delay in implementing this feature may be due to Microsoft’s desire to add mobile app support to current and previous generation Xbox consoles.

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