“Twilight”: all of Bella’s sighs are collected in one video

The video shows how the actresses showed emotions with just one breath.

That's where the emotions are: all the sighs of Kristen Stewart from the movie
Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan Photo: globallookpress.com

After the release of the movie “Twilight”, many viewers criticized the emotionless performance of the young Kristen Stewart. But what the actress did great was to sigh for the camera. Her character Bella Swan’s sighs have become something of an internet meme. And the other day, the streaming service Amazon Prime Video published an ironic video, which contains a cut of frames from the first film of the vampire saga with an emphasis on the breath of the main character.

The video contains 41 cases when Bella sighs: from irritation, fright, surprise and just like that. It seems that Stewart invested all her acting in exhaling air from her lungs. If you observe her in this vein, it becomes noticeable that her character has many different emotions.

“Kristen Stewart is here to show you that a sigh can mean a million different things, and we think that’s great,” the streaming service staff write.

How can you disagree here?

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