Ukrainian Maguchikh about the photo with Lasitsken at the “Diamond League”: “I am not hugged by Maria, but by Nicola McDermott” – Athletics

Ukrainian high jumper Yaroslava Maguchikh explained the joint photo with the Olympic champion from Russia Maria Lasitskene.

After the final of the “Diamond League” Lasitskene and Maguchikh stood side by side for a group photo. The previous joint photo of the athletes, taken at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, caused a scandal. The Ukrainian woman was harassed on social networks.

“With the end of the season I would like to put an end to one more question.

Over the past month, I have heard a lot of interesting things about myself. Of course, everyone has their own point of view, but let’s at least express ourselves correctly. Instead of writing nasty things to me, you better take care of yourself and use your time to good use.

Dear journalists, when will you start thinking and then writing? For some I do the long jump, for others I finish, where have you seen the finish in the high jump?

Now about the photo: it was taken at the request of Kamila Lichvinko, who is ending her career, she wanted to capture these memories!

And now the culmination: in the photo I am not hugged by Maria, but by Nicola McDermott, the representative of Australia – be careful, please.

Everyone is good, and I’m going on vacation, ”Maguchikh wrote.

Lasitskene and Ukrainian Maguchikh posed together for a group photo in the final of the “Diamond League” in Zurich

Ukrainian woman Maguchikh was hounded for a photo with Maria Lasitskene in Tokyo 2020. Insulted on social networks and summoned to a conversation with the Ministry of Defense

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