What is the strength, Apple? On the new iPhone

Company Apple has announced the date for its traditional fall presentation of new products. On September 7, the company’s shares rose 1.6%. Understanding how news can affect quotes.

This year, the presentation will take place on September 14 at 10 am local time in Cupertino, that is, at 20:00 Moscow time.

Today, Apple shares are confidently holding the first place in terms of turnover on the St. Petersburg Exchange at the start of trading.

What the company will show at the presentation

Apple does not change itself and keeps intrigue. In general, the assumptions are as follows:

• iPhone 13. Expectations are classic: minor design changes, such as a reduction in the upper “bangs”, an improved processor based on the current one, improvements in the camera and display, and an increase in battery capacity.

• Apple Watch 7. Redesign, enlargement of display and battery. There has already been a rumor that the manufacturer is unable to cope and may not have time to release the required number of new models by the deadline. Therefore, the watch can be presented later or simply warn about the shortage at the start of sales.

• AirPods 3. One of the most anticipated at the presentation is the update of the best-selling headphones.

• iPad. No high expectations, just a technical upgrade.

• New MacBook, iMac and iMac mini… It is still difficult to say whether new computers will be presented next week. The company creates chips on ARM architecture, which gives huge potential to new PCs, so, like a cherry in the bargain, they can be shown later.

• The presentation may contain information about iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8

• It is highly unlikely that the company will share data on Apple Car, as well as virtual reality glasses – both of these directions are only overgrown with rumors.

Why is this event important

The iPhone has long been a driving force behind the company’s revenue growth. The introduction of the 5G network last year was a powerful new driver for revenue growth. This trend may continue this year.

At first, this is an improved smartphone, and the lineup will remain the same, from mini to pro. New items usually sell well, and due to the reduced price of previous generations, the iPhone 12 may have a new wave of demand.

SecondlyThe 5G smartphone trend is just picking up steam. IDC estimates that 5G smartphone shipments will account for more than 40% of the global volume in 2021 and will grow to 69% in 2025. This suggests that Apple smartphones may have even more potential, especially if a cheaper model is released. iPhone SE

Wearables are also an important component of revenue, so updating them is a good driver of growth. Computers on their own processors can also provoke the replacement of old technology with a new one.

And what are the shares

Since 2015, there has been a pattern in the movement of Apple shares: in August, growth begins on the eve of the September event, after the presentation a correction begins. It is explained by the usual technical pullback against the background of profit-taking. The exception was 2018, when the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr came out instead of the iPhone 11: the correction was long, but the growth did not start, so the next year the stocks simply constantly recovered.

In 2020, the pattern was continued. At the first presentation, the new iPhone was not shown due to the pandemic; it was presented later. Due to 3 presentations, the correction was delayed, but then the growth continued.

This year, the growth of shares began in June, stopped in August, and then continued – as a result, the company became the first with capitalization of more than $ 2.5 trillion… Yesterday, Apple’s capitalization crossed the $ 2.6 trillion mark.

We can assume that by next Tuesday the shares will rise further. Further, depending on what exactly the company is presenting, one can expect a correction and then assume its depth and duration. Closer to the start date of sales, shares may return to growth. There is also a risk, and it is still associated with the pandemic and supply chains, which could potentially create a deficit and, as a result, a weak financial report for the third quarter.

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