Yegor Titov: the continuity of generations in “Spartak” killed

Yegor Titov: the continuity of generations in “Spartak” killed

Sergey Sorokin

Former player of “Spartak” and the Russian national football team Egor Titov shared his opinion about the game of red and white in the season 2021/2022.

“I will say two words: the continuity of generations. She’s just not there. I don’t even know who I can turn to there. Who else has remained since the 2000s, not to mention the nineties. Although no, there is one person. But there are no people at all who played in Spartak themselves and can show and tell. Popov was there, but we know how his story ended at the club.

I’m more interested in the championship now. Today it is he who is the litmus test for Spartak, not the European Cup. The centenary of the club – I want to see what will happen to the team.

On Tuesday I was at the Otkritie Arena for the match between Russia and Malta (2: 0): beauty, class, weather, perfect pitch – I don’t want to play. You have to live by football. You go out on the field – give yourself up to the game for 90 minutes, but so that later you come to the locker room and say to yourself: I did everything, I gave all of myself, so that now I am dead and I can’t even walk. Then the partner will understand you, the coach, the fan, and the owner of the club.

The current generation needs to learn this. But by what example? Again, I return to the continuity of generations. In “Spartak” it is simply killed “, – quotes Titov Sport24.

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