“A Quiet Place” star John Krasinski became Captain America

In the past, the actor was not hired for this role.

No sooner had Marvel fans moved away from the unexpected appearance of Emily Blunt as Black Widow, when a new video appeared on the Shamook YouTube channel – this time with the participation of the wife of the actress, John Krasinski.

The star of A Quiet Place appeared in the form of Captain America, and this choice was made for a reason. Krasinski did audition for the role of the First Avenger, but Marvel eventually opted for Chris Evans. Thanks to DeepFake technology, viewers were able to see what the actor would look like in The Avengers, Captain America: Captain America and Captain America: Civil War.

By the way, John himself admitted in an interview that he could not cope with the role as well as his competitor.

I know I wouldn’t do it as well as Chris. At least I can see someone do a really great job in this role. And we discussed it with Chris,

– said the actor.

Krasinski also added that it was the rejection of the role that gave him freedom, which influenced his entire future life.

If I got the part, my directing and writing career would never have worked out. There would be no “quiet place” if I became Captain America,

John remarked. However, he did not miss the opportunity to joke with Evans when his career in Marvel ended.

I told him: “I love that you no longer play my role!”

– shared Krasinski in an interview with Esquire.

Recall that the continuation of Krasinski’s franchise “Quiet Place” will start in cinemas on April 22, 2021.

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