Akhmat will win the half against Zenit, and Spartak’s attack will finally wake up: guessing unusual outcomes – 09/11/2021

Lokomotiv – Wings of the Soviets

Forecast: Lokomotiv will win in the 2nd half, while both teams will score after the break – odds of 10.

A source: RIA News”

Lokomotiv unexpectedly bought 30 million euros this summer, spending the most (!) In the RPL. Now Nikolic needs to think about how to integrate all these newcomers into the roster, and there are 7 of them! But now the “railroad workers” will not “get up” after the break, there is someone to replace the tired footballers. I wonder if Smolov will continue to score, in 6 rounds he has 6 goals after 12 shots on target. And here Fedor will also be positive after the national team. Krylia Sovetov improved their position by beating Sochi and Ufa. Volzhans also strengthened with two legionary defenders Begich and Bale and are ready to continue the fight for survival in the RPL.

Zenit – Akhmat

Forecast: a draw, while Akhmat will win in the 1st half – odds 23.

A source: RIA News”

Zenit found itself in a difficult situation: FIFA first banned Malcolm and Claudinho from playing in the upcoming matches, and unexpectedly allowed them on Friday evening. But the preparation for the game, most likely, went without them. Probably, Barrios, the key defensive player, will also miss the meeting with Akhmat. In general, the breaks for the matches of the national teams are a separate headache for Semak. From the good news, the Petersburgers kept Azmun in this transfer window and got a motivated Dziuba, who wants to return to the Russian national team again. “Akhmat” burned down in March in St. Petersburg 0: 4 – Talalaev probably made conclusions after that match. In addition, Grozny could fully prepare for this meeting, so the start of the game could remain with them. At the same time, I somehow can’t believe in Zenit’s defeat at home.

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Spartak – Khimki

Forecast: Spartak will win 3: 1 – odds 12.

Spartak survived the August crisis (4 defeats in 6 matches), Vitoria was not fired (and even met with Fedun). The red and white parted with Mirzov and Kral and strengthened the defender of Kofrie. Now Sobolev (1 goal in 8 matches) and Larsson (0 goals) should prove themselves. Promes and Moses recovered from injuries, and they are also expected to play well in attack. Khimki started off sluggishly this season (6 points in 6 games), but with Mirzov’s return, their attack should sparkle with new colors. “Spartak” had a lot of bad luck in the first 6 rounds, we expect that the implementation will improve. And that Vitoria will continue the work of Tedesco, who beat Khimki twice.

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Arsenal Tula – CSKA

Forecast: CSKA wins and the total is less than 1.5, while the 1st half will end in a draw – odds of 10.

A source: RIA News”

CSKA made a major sale in this transfer window in the RPL – Vlašić left for West Ham for 30 million euros. Maradishvili and Tiknizyan also left the army camp. They did not buy anyone to replace them. Young coach Berezutsky showed that he can try different schemes, with Zenit CSKA for the first time made it to three central defenders. The Red-Blues conceded only at the very end, while they themselves could have scored several times. In Tula, there was a third retirement in the RPL during the season, Bozovic replaced Parfenov. This is a reaction to 4 defeats in 6 rounds, however, the choice of the Montenegrin coach is not very clear. On the other hand, he already worked in Tula, all the realities are familiar to him. Let’s choose here the victory of CSKA.

Sochi – Ufa

Forecast: Sochi will win 3: 0 – odds 13.

Thanks to the victory over Spartak before the international break, Sochi is one of the top three RPL teams. This is another indicator of Fedotov’s work, forced in some matches to do without playmaker Noboa, defender Prokhin and a striker. Colombian Cassierra from “Belenenses” (10 goals last season) was bought in the attack, let’s see how he performs in the Russian championship. Ufa is still having problems with money, they are already talking about salary delays for the players. In such a situation, concentrating on football is usually not good at all.

Dynamo – Nizhny Novgorod

Forecast: Nizhny Novgorod will win in the 1st half if the total is less than 1.5 – odds of 10.

Dynamo is bathed in good news: Schwartz was recognized as the best RPL coach at the start of the season, Zakharyan and Tyukavin made their debuts for the national team. And Fomin and Shimanski have recovered from their injuries and are ready to play. And the quota of fans at the stadium has increased to 30%. But Nizhny Novgorod has already shown that this season they are able to surprise even in matches with strong opponents. It is convenient for Kerzhakov’s team to play with the second number, so there may be surprises for the Dynamo youth. Three points, however, will be difficult for Nizhny Novgorod to take away from Moscow, but to score first and keep this score until the break is quite.

Rubin – Ural

Forecast: Ural will win with a score of 1: 0 – coefficient 10.

“Rubin” kept Khvich, now the main thing for Slutsky is to wait for the Georgian striker and Despotovich to recover from their injuries. August turned out to be a disaster for Kazan: they were eliminated from the League of Conferences and 4 matches without victories. But the previous supply of points was enough to stay in 5th place. Shalimov in Ural got a long-awaited pause to work with the team. So far, Yekaterinburg are the worst in the RPL, they have only two points in 6 rounds. The coach has already suggested that he will switch to a game of 5 defenders in order to concede less. In attack, you also need to find a goal-scoring striker, two goals is very little. Interestingly, Rubin rarely beat Ural at home in recent years, let’s try to catch the underdog’s victory here.

Rostov – Krasnodar

Forecast: exact number of goals 5 – odds 11.

A source: RIA News”

Even under Goncharenko, Krasnodar remains a team that scores a lot on good days and concedes a lot on bad days. The Bulls have not yet resolved the issue of defense, and even Krykhovyak’s move slightly added reliability. Already this season we saw 5 goals in Krasnodar’s matches: 2: 3 with Zenit and 3: 2 with Tula. Rostov released Norman to the Premier League, but kept Glebov, whom Spartak had his eye on. The main problem of the team, which even Semin admits, is not the best game in defense. Rostov have conceded at least a goal in the last 5 matches. So it is logical to expect a lot of goals from the southern derby, even if in personal meetings up to 5 goals and it came only once.

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