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American actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie on the occasion of World Bee Day starred in a photo shoot with hundreds of honey insects that crawled over her body. For this, the author of the idea, photographer Dan Winters, used QMP – the mandibular pheromone of the queen bee, write on Instagram National Geographic.

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This substance is produced by the queen bee; it gives the hive “a sense of belonging to a queen,” scientists say.

“We used calm Italian bees. Everyone on the set, except Angelina, was wearing protective suits. I applied the pheromone by hand to the places where the bees were supposed to gather. The pheromone attracts them, but also encourages them not to swarm.” told the photographer.

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Jolie stood motionless for 18 minutes with her nose and ears closed: during this time she was never stung. He says, “It was a pleasure to be in contact with these beautiful creatures.”

Watch the video with Jolie and the bees.

Jolie is working for the UN on the Women for the Bees initiative, in which women beekeepers will build 2,500 hives by 2025 and save 125 million bees. In June, she will receive an accelerated 30-day training session led by experts in Provence.

75% of the world’s food crops depend on pollination. Without pollinators like the bee, humans would not have many foods: coffee, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbivore meat, some medicines, even clothing.

According to NatGeo, honey bees alone provide about $ 20 billion of agricultural production in the United States annually. All pollinators provide more than $ 200 billion worth of food production worldwide.

More than 40% of pollinators are now on the verge of extinction due to a combination of reasons: pesticides, parasitic mites, a reduction in natural habitat, which is exacerbated by the large-scale use of commercial monocultures, and also due to climate change.

  • Since 2018, World Bee Day is an international holiday celebrated on May 20, the birthday of the founder of modern beekeeping, Anton Yansha.

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