Apple Fired Senior Engineering Project Leader for Alleged Information Leakage

Senior Engineering Manager Ashley Gjøvik has announced her resignation from Apple over allegations of confidential information leaks. For several months, she openly tweeted about the company’s concerns about harassment, intimidation, surveillance, and workplace safety.



“When I started raising workplace safety issues in March and faced harassment and intimidation almost immediately, I started to prepare for something like this to happen. I am disappointed that the company that I have loved since I was a girl treats its employees this way. “– said Mrs. Jovik.

An employee of the company expressed concern that the building in which her office is located is located in a special area, where activities are subject to special environmental requirements under US law. She also stated that she faced harassment and bullying from her supervisor and team members. She recently raised a question about Apple’s policies and the fact that the company has arrogated to itself the right to find and control employees’ work phones.

In early August, Yovik was sent on administrative leave while Apple opened an investigation into the allegations. The previous day, she was contacted by a representative of the employee relations department and said that the company was engaged in a sensitive issue of intellectual property, and the company needed to have an hour-long conversation with her. Yovik replied that she would like to keep all communications in writing and noted that she forwards all correspondence to the US National Labor Relations Office, where she recently filed a complaint. To this, the department representative replied that since she decided not to participate in the discussion, they will have to use the information that they have, and – “Given the seriousness of the charges” – suspended her access to Apple systems. A few hours later, Yovik received an email stating that her job at Apple would be terminated the next day.

Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock commented on the incident to The Verge: “Now and before, we are deeply committed to creating and sustaining positive and inclusive jobs. We take all matters of concern seriously and conduct thorough investigations whenever such issues arise, and out of respect for the confidentiality of all those involved, we do not discuss the cases of specific employees. “

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