Belarusian coach Shpilevsky did not take the best young football player of Russia-2019 Shapi Suleimanov to the second Bundesliga

Perhaps most of all the late deals in the RPL were surprised by the transition Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov. The pride of the Krasnodar Academy, the best young player in Russia (together with a teammate Safonov) 2019, before the closing of the “window” signed with the Turkish “Giresunspor”. Haven’t you heard of this? No wonder – this club is only the second time in history (the first was in the ancient 1970s) to rise to the Turkish Super League.

As it turned out, the Krasnodar talent had another, even more unexpected option to continue his career. A commentator told about him on his Telegram channel Roman Naguchev: “And now Aleksey Shpilevsky, now the head coach of Erzgebirge from the second Bundesliga, got Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov to watch this summer. Viewing? For the guy who flunked Porto, Bayer Leverkusen and Valencia? Which, it seems, was not sold to Borussia itself for 20 million two years ago? But Shapi did not fit. Lost a lot, they said. C – self-improvement. “

For details, I turned to myself Shpilevsky – and the conversation naturally steered beyond Shapi’s specific case.

Alexey Shpilevsky

Alexey Shpilevsky

Head coach of Erzgebirge

33 years. He played for the youth teams of Stuttgart. Coaching career: Stuttgart, youth team (2010-2013). RB Leipzig, youth team (2013-2018), Dynamo Brest (2018), Kairat (2018-2021), Erzgebirge (from July 1, 2021).

Favorite class of Galitsky.  Where are the pupils of Krasnodar born in 1999?
Favorite class of Galitsky. Where are the pupils of Krasnodar born in 1999?

– I will clarify: there was no viewing, he did not come to us, – Shpilevsky begins. – The management of the Shapi club was offered by agents, and we could really take it. There was one more candidate – also young, promising from Russia, but I would not like to give my last name. As for Shapi, then, of course, I heard a lot about him, I knew that he scored in the Champions League, but purposefully did not follow him. The Erzgebirge scout department and I sat down to watch Suleimanov’s matches, analyze how he played in recent years and months. It was clear: a talented boy, a good left leg. But he does everything on the spot, without continuing. And in the second Bundesliga, talent alone is not enough. There are other speeds. In the end, I decided that this was not the player we needed.

Now in “Erzgebirge” this position is played by a guy born in 2000, Nicholas Kuehn. I was in “Ajax”, in the youth team of “Bavaria”, but, unfortunately, did not take root. A very sensitive boy, you need an approach to him. And I know him from Red Bull and I think that Erzgebirge is a good chance for him. There are other German youths who now find it useful to take a step back in order to understand and realize that they still have to grow and grow to the base of Bayern.

I don’t know, maybe Shapi had an injury or some other problem. But at the moment the German guy seemed to me stronger. And just meaner. When comparing young footballers, you are always trying to look into the future, to determine who has what potential. I think that the same Kyun has it higher.

I am generally impressed by the approach in Germany. Locals are constantly working on themselves. The difference in mentality between immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Germans is felt. Here they unconditionally carry out all the instructions, while in our country they often start to procrastinate, to doubt: “Why? And why?” Some kind of laziness is constantly present.

“And Shapi is so alone!” Who is this child prodigy from Krasnodar?

Russia is a big power, and it still has enough talented football players. Sandro Schwartz it was shown in Dynamo. When we played with “Kairat” with them – I really liked it: a young, fast team. The problem is that young footballers in Russia get used to comfort too quickly. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar – big salaries, all conditions, nightlife … Naturally, young people stop developing. What for? There are no more incentives. And in Germany you have to work hard to get to the top and get a good contract. Plus the taxes are huge – almost 50%.

In Russia, a young footballer gets three times as much clean as his German counterpart gets dirty.

The amounts, of course, vary depending on the status. The player of the youth national teams of Germany has a bet of about € 10 thousand – count, about € 6,000 per hand. In the RPL, as I understand it, the order of the numbers is different. But if you want to achieve something, you need to sacrifice something. I myself went for a significant reduction in wages – just to work in Germany. I just couldn’t pass up such a chance.

I remember the phrase that Valery Georgievich Karpin, in his words, once said Romantsev: “If you go to Spain, listen to the coach and do whatever he says.” Karpin listened – and played at the highest level, made an excellent career. Europe gave him a lot. I am impressed by his aura, authority, style of team management. And young guys from the post-Soviet space should follow the example of the football player Karpin.

Even the second Bundesliga is 100 percent worth going. This is a completely different world. Even after the Major League of Kazakhstan, I felt it right away. The difference is especially felt in the matches with the teams that just dropped out of the first Bundesliga. Speed ​​football, a lot of fighting. Plus, the audience returned to the stadiums. Really cool level.

We have a town – 30 thousand people, a stadium – in the forest. But for local “Erzgebirge” – the whole life. On match days, the whole city seems to be playing football. They soberly assess the budget and the composition of the team, but they always demand one thing – that the guys fight and give battle to all the giants.

Therefore, I am very glad that Zenit let the young guy go on loan (Yaroslav Mikhailov at Schalke. – Approx. “Championship”). A player with potential. But most importantly – in a sporty arrogance. This is what a foreigner needs to be in Europe if you want to achieve something.

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