Ceh9 gave prediction for NAVI vs Heroic match at ESL Pro League Season 14 | CS: GO

Streamer and commentator Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko gave a forecast for the semifinal matches ESL Pro League Season 14 by CS: GO. In a vlog on YouTube, he could not name the clear favorites of these confrontations.

Trinozhenko believes that in the meeting Natus Vincere against Heroic there will be a serious fight.

Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko
Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko:

“And here, of course, there will be a life and death cutting. <...> Terrible odds [на NAVI], so I strongly discourage pouring some big money on the guys from NAVI before the game. Well, there is no point in filling the small ones, but the big ones, well … As if you yourself understand what Heroic was dragged yesterday and in what moral form they are. Therefore, there is definitely no need to take risks here. “

Ceh9 noted that in the second semifinal match between Team Vitality and OG the outcome of the confrontation can be strongly influenced by the stage of choosing cards. The analyst noted that both teams do not play on Ancient.

Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko
Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko:

“There are two teams here that do not play this map. [Ancient]… Much will be decided here – the team that will not be the first to delete Ancient, respectively, can win some benefits for themselves. For example, this is very important for OG. <...> I will not say here who will definitely win, because some inner instinct pushes me to the Vitality team. But for OG, this is a chance to finally break through on the tier-1 stage to the very, very final. Although here you never know how, for example, the same ZywOo or Shox, who felt great in the match against Gambit, will play. Will they feel great against OG? It’s still a question. “

Analysts at BC Parimatch consider NAVI to be the favorite in the match against Heroic. In the second semi-final, experts prefer Vitality.

Match odds:

  • Team Vitality (1.64) versus OG (2.13) – September 11, 17:00 Moscow time;
  • Natus Vincere (1.39) versus Heroic (2.78) – September 11, 20:15 Moscow time.

The odds are taken from the site of the Parimatch betting company and are relevant at the time of publication of the material.

ESL Pro League Season 14 runs from August 16 to September 12. The teams compete for a prize fund of $ 750 thousand. You can get acquainted with the line-ups of teams and the results of previous meetings in the report.

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