Customization Options: New Hot Wheels Unleashed Trailer Dedicated To Car Tuning

Studio Milestone has published a new gameplay trailer for the racing arcade Hot wheels unleashed… After a series of shows of various tracks, the developers decided to pay attention to customization.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will allow players to differentiate their miniature car from the gray mass and create a unique design for it using dozens of available liveries. In addition to tuning toy cars, gamers will also be able to “repair” the basement location, furnishing it with various accessories and trophies earned during the races

“Make your car a one-of-a-kind speed masterpiece with the liveries editor. Create a unique design or upload other players’ creations. Discover the basement, a special room that can be furnished with trophies and accessories. Collect them all. [машинки] and challenge your friends at your awesome home base! “.

Already at the start, the game will include a lot of different content, including about 60 cars, 6 locations and 40 tracks, as well as a split-screen, multiplayer and an editor of your own tracks.

Hot Wheels Unleashed goes on sale on all current platforms September 30th

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