Far Cry 6 Review Trailer Shows How The Game Will Develop After Release


Ubisoft has posted on its YouTube channel a new trailer for Far Cry 6, which tells about the content that will come to the game after the release.

First, 3 free crossover missions will be released during the year:

  • The first “Danny and Dani vs. All”– Deliver delicious tacos across Yara with the famous Danny Trejo. Of course, he will be with his trademark machete.
  • Second “Rambo” – Join a Rambo fan in the fight against the Yaran military and arrange a bloody massacre in the best traditions of 80s fighters.
  • Third “Disappearance” – Save Chorizo ​​in a crossover from the Stranger Things universe.

In total, 3 DLCs have been announced, which will be available in the Battle Pass (will be released at the end of 2021). They’ll be in the new Die-and-Repeat Far Cry mode – start the game empty-handed, kill the bad guys, gather resources and return to your hideout to buy upgrades and more powerful weapons

  • Madness to be released first – the famous Vaas Monetnegro from Far Cry 3 will be here. There will be many interesting design solutions. Release date – November 2021.
  • Then “Control” enters the battle – the main villain Pagan Min (psychopath and no better than Vaasa Monetnegro) from Far Cry 4 will be here. Release date – January 2022.
  • Completes the Collapse Trilogy – here will be Joseph Sid (the head of the “Gate of Eden” cult, nicknamed by his followers Father and played by actor Greg Brick), the main villain from Far Cry 5. Release date – March 2022.
  • Also in the Battle Pass there will be give away for free Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

The developers report that all of this content can be consumed both in single player mode and in co-op.

Also announced 6 special operations (Cocodrilo, Los Tres Santos, Puerta Del Eden, Malagua) – You will need to steal chemical weapons from arms dealers. Your task is to steal this weapon and, fighting off Castillo’s soldiers, get to the evacuation point before it overheats. You will have to travel to new areas such as Mesozoico, Maceo and others that will appear in the game later!

Immediately after the release in the game will appear weekly events “Mutiny”… Track down the loyal soldiers of Anton Castillo and prevent them from capturing Yara, and at the same time get new equipment. Events are available after completing the campaign.

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