Gasley: I lost control of the car and hit a wall

The sprint in Monza was unsuccessful for Pierre Gasly: ​​in the first turn, the AlphaTauri racer damaged the front wing on the car of Daniel Riccardo, during acceleration in the third turn, the wing broke and got stuck under the car, Pierre lost control and crashed into a wall. Last year’s winner of the Italian Grand Prix was not injured and commented on the incident.

Pierre Gasly: ​​“I am disappointed, but physically everything is fine with me. I had a great start and on Medium tires I was able to overtake Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton. At the first turn, to my surprise, I saw Daniel’s car in front of me, although I did not expect it there at all. I brushed it slightly and damaged the front wing.

At the third turn, the wing was under my car, I lost control, drove in a straight line and crashed into a wall.

The aim of the race is to earn points. Otherwise, no matter what I finish – eleventh, twelfth, fourteenth or eighteenth – points are not given for these positions.

I watched the sprint from the side and, unfortunately, did not see overtaking. It is difficult to overtake on this track, so you need to understand what this is connected with and how you can fix it. Perhaps tomorrow I will start from the pit lane. The race is going to be long, and I will try to do everything to earn points. “

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