Gasly did not take off his anger from the accident in the sprint format

Pierre Gasly was Saturday’s main loser at the Italian Grand Prix. After a small contact with Daniel Riccardo’s car in the first turn, the Frenchman lost control of the car due to a breakdown of the front wing, flew off the track and crashed into a bump stop.

“You always expect your opponents to start braking at certain points,” Gasley told reporters in the track paddock in Monza. – But Riccardo slowed down earlier than I expected – and by the time I reacted to Daniel’s actions, it was already too late.

As soon as the car starts to turn, it can start to slow down very much. And when I saw that Daniel was slowing down, when I pressed the brake harder myself, would we be too close …

Apparently, I should have been more careful – although I do not know why Daniel acted this way: whether he himself reacted to the actions of Verstappen or some other pilot in front.

I immediately went on the air and asked the team to assess the damage – and literally in a couple of seconds the wing fell under the wheels and I drove straight into the wall. I had seen sparks from the wing before – but I wasn’t sure how big the problem was. After all, it could have been damage to the end plate only … I think five or six seconds have passed since the contact with Daniel. “

As a result, the pilot, who showed 6th time in qualifying the day before, will start Sunday’s race only from 19th position. However, the Frenchman did not vent his anger on a non-standard weekend format.

“The reason for the incident was not at all that we participated in the sprint race. Just out of luck – there was contact and it led to the loss of the front wing. So, I would not draw conclusions about the format based on today’s emotions. “

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